Detroit, Michigan
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Service went out, had technician come to home only after confirming that it would be no charge. Found a problem with THEIR service and fixed it.

Got a $55 bill for the repair. Spent 45 mins on a call being polite to the service agent as I work over the phone as well, and got hung up on. Called back, after 20 more minutes, had charge dropped. Also was overcharged $14.20 for PPV surcharge that they "couldn't remove".

Called in again 10 minutes later asking them to match a competitors deal and they dropped my bill by $35/month and raised my internet speed. If these idiots would have just taken the $14.20 off my bill like I asked they would have gotten $35 more/month from me, but since they pissed me off I called competitors and got them to drop the rate per month.

That is the definition of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing. Terrible customer service

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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Magicerman - I am very sorry about the service that you received. I would be happy to listen to your feedback and address any concerns that you have.

Can you please send me an email with your account number and contact number to In the subject line please put pissedconsumer-Magicerman.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Nancy AT&T Social Media Manager


I have Comcast offering a $79.99 rate for the same cable plus movie channels and a higher rated Internet speed. I promise they did it on the spot without much hassle either.

It was either lose my business as im not on a contract or lower it. They chose to lower it.

Also, the reason I didn't use Comcast is their customer service is even worse, I know from past experience. Even at that reduced rate, I still won't change over.


att stinks. Worst American company period.


Didn't happen. No way they would just *** $35 from your bill AND raise your internet speed for free. They wouldn't be making any money and would be better off just not having you as a customer.

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