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I have been an ATT uverse customer for approximately 2 years. This past billing cycle my service was temporarily interrupted due to a late balance. The thing about that is I was not late on my payment! I had two days before the billing cycle ended! So I looked online at my bill and paid the overdue balance. My service did not turn on and my online balance did not reflect that a payment was made. I called customer service and they indicated to me that my payment had posted to my account and that my servicE would be back on momentarily. The service was restored and I went on about my day. This evening I got my monthly bill due on the 8th of July. It was approximately 90 dollars over what it normally is.

It turns out this happened....


30 dollars for TV

30 dollars for Internet

30 dollars for my phone!!!

Now I know it only takes 1 push of a button to turn those services back on. All of those systems run through the same connection. This is pretty much a kick in the grOin to AT&T customers. If its not resolved I will switch back to Comcast.... AT&T can swindle someone else.


Monetary Loss: $90.

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Hello, I experienced this last year. I was going through economic hardship, and was 10 days late on my payment. I guess my mortgage payment was just more important to me. Plus, I thought it would only be a $30 charge due to the fact that I purchased a "bundle" not three separate lines of service, and the fact that my previous provider only had the single $30 restoral fee.In any case, I stupidly paid it instead of trying to get it reversed.

Now, almost a year later, I'm going out of town for 3-4 weeks, and want only my phone and tv placed on vacation hold. My house sitter needs the internet to do college work. So I called AT&T and was told that they cannot place my phone and tv on hold without also placing the internet on hold. That, in fact, their system does not allow them to do so because the services are "bundled."

I just want to know which is it? Am I paying for a bundle or three separate services?! It seems awfully convenient to separate the services when charging restoral fees, but bundle them when marketing and actually providing the service. Please people, let's get a class action going. If not for ourselves, for every other person in America that is getting screwed by these c****.


Yeah, convenient isn't it? AT&T needs to go away.

I'm pretty sure they make most of their money off of the millions of people who can't pay their bills on time because of the current economical situation.

It is quite sad. I'm probably going to go to another provider as AT&T is probably my highest bill per month besides food and that's just ***!

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