Where to begin. Ok, on a Friday morning I'm home babysitting my granddaughter when suddenly we had no internet for her Netflix show.

I immediately tried resetting my modem, did this a couple times, didn't work, so the dreaded call to ATT. After speaking with customer service I was transferred to technical support. The man on the other end who I had trouble understanding tried to help fix my issue. Nothing worked.

This call lasted well over an hour. Finally he concluded my modem, had suddenly gone bad. Seemed odd since we had not had any trouble but I figured whatever. After we got off the phone, I thought surely my service wasn't shut off, I knew I was current, but since long ago I stopped trusting ATT, I called back in, asked if I had been shut off, the women hesitated, then reassured me I was not.

I got very suspious when she hesitated, but decided to wait it out. That evening my a service came back on. I received a bill on Saturday that did not reflect the payment I had made. I knew then sure enough they had shut me off!

I immediate called on Monday to stop the shipment of an unnecessary modem, again I was reassured it wouldn't be shipped. Again I was reassured my service had not been shut off. Decided Monday after having all weekend thl think about it, I was getting to the bottom of this, finally a customer service person admitted my service had accidental been shut off. To top this story off the modem arrived the next day!

I called to stand it back, the label to return the modem wasn't in the box???? I returned the modem and they failed to credit my acct. I had the tracking number. They made my life a nightmare.

The credit for the unnecessary modem, took 2 months to get. I called to change my plan to keep it from going up with in a timely fashion and during this whole mess, guess what....they screwed that up to. I was bumped up to ridiculous plan that basically doubled my bill and the credit for the most wasn't on there either. 1 month of unverse was going to cost me $180.00.

That included $100 for the modem they had received back.

I am moving all my business elsewhere once my contract is up on cellphones and internet. Cellphones since 1998, I'm done, this company had no idea what they are doing and I'm done, spending my time on the phone trying to resolve issues I shouldn't be having.

Review about: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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