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I had ATT Dsl service for several year before I made a terrible decision to get ATT Uverse internet service in June 2011. In the last 3 months I have had more than two outages.

The first outage was for four and half days and the second the most recent one I have had no service for two days now. I had to make several calls each lasting 40 minutes to an hour. One customer service rep even told me that my outage was because of Florida hurricane(I am in California btw.) This recent outage on 09/20/11 the rep his name was Jesse insisted that the problem is certainly in my house. I mentioned to him that this has happened to me before the issue is not at my house but at their junction box (which is located at Williams road in San Jose, ca.

He said that was not the case. The field technician showed up on 09/21/11 and after spending an hour told me what I knew all along. the problem was at the Williams road junction box. I am completely frustrated with the ATT Uverse service.

My recommendation to anyone reading this please for god's sake don't sign with for this *** service.I have spent hours of my valuable time dealing with idiots at the other end of the line. Thank god i didn't combine any other service like phone or TV otherwise I would have been living in the medival world now.

I am for sure going to cancel my services as this is the most unreliable and worst customer service company you can ever encounter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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I agree. I can't believe they treat their customers like this.

They are not the only providers but the others are just as bad.

My wife has been on the phone for over an hour disputing a PPV charge. I ordered a ufc fight and it never down loaded on our TV but we are still being charged for it and the customer service keeps giving us the run around.



I am sorry about the outages you have experienced. Please email me your account number and a number where you can be reached and I will engage our U-verse team to assist you. My email is attemilia@att.com.



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