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My ATT Uverse webmail works fine but why does it have to overload the page with advertisements? See screen shot below. I am already paying ATT a monthly fees for the internet/email service. Could they show me some respect by not presenting ads all the time.

I talked to customer service more than once and they always refuse to offer a NO-AD version of webmail.

But, thankfully, I have found a DIY solution. I installed AdBlock browser extension. It knows about ads and simply ignores them. The email page appears but NO ads! What a simple solution. And, AdBlock is free and safe.

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I also meet the same promble from


Use the email client that came with your operating system or a 3rd party one if you want ad-free email. I use Thunderbird to download all of my email, ATT, Gmail and others.


Folks, AT&T isnt putting up these ads. If you'll notice, this is YAHOO MAIL. Yahoo, as the webmasters, would be the ones that are putting up the ads.


Agreed, what a bunch of ***. Pay $250 per month for U-Verse services and have to look at ads while you check your email.

I'm going to another service. Maybe enough people will cancel their account and ATT will fix this!

to Anonymous #1076454

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