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I am so tired of ATT uverse.they have never billed me correctly, the promises made on the phone are never carried forward or corrected.

I have overpaid them, but they keep turning off my service because they have my plan wrong. i have logged over 10 HOURS trying to correct a simple billing issue.

I shoudl compensated for my frustrations and personal time.

That being said, i've heard a lot of people in my are with the same issues.I think that a good class action suit will wake these people up and they will hopefully work above board.

Review about: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Spring Valley, California, United States #1343811

Cancelled my ATT Uverse because the service was always going off for hours at a time, Prices kept changing. Was being billed for local calls because they were not att customers. I could go on and on but I bet you get the gist.

Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States #1314537

AT&T owes me about $160 for failure to provide a $100 Reward card they promised before I agreed to a service plan, and for not refunding the cost of 14 days' service following cancellation that was paid as part of my final bill.They have been breaking promises to me for the last 8 months, and because they breached the contract, I cancelled my service.

Despite never being advised of early termination fees (ETF), they have billed me $150 for ETF, and that bill is now considered past due. I guess the final straw will be for them to ruin my credit rating.

I am going to file a complaint with Wisconsin's Bureau of Consumer Protection, and may file a claim in Small Claims Court to recover the money they owe me and ensure my credit rating is not affected.I have also submitted my case to a local TV news station that spotlights consumer rip-offs like this.

If a file a claim in Small Claims Court, does anyone know who (name of person) I would have to serve the summons and complaint to and what address I would send them to?

Oakdale, California, United States #1313083

Hello there,

I just wanted to tell you I completely feel your anger!I didn't realize this was written in 2012.

I hope you got some compensation for the grief, the time, and if you're like me the depression it has caused. The hours and hours on end phone calls always averaging 2 hours sometimes being hung up on, or transferred here and there then right back to the number you called to begin with. What is happening with that company I did post an angry post (pissed off customer) only two reviews one very rude Anonymous review over a typo OMG I don't need negativity from a board lonely ***, (sorry for my potty mouth. It's funny how today I received an email updated asking if it was solved, I spoke to a manager from their corp offices that told me she would look into the 1800.00 dollar bill after months without cell phone services dropped calls everyday and many internal notes to prove it.

they told me they could not print those notes and send them to me (isn't that one of our rights "freedom of information") instead of looking into it she puts it in collections NICE I don't need bad credit at 57. Even funnier I received a check for 43.17 from the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION from a law suit. I sent with a signature needed a copy of that and a letter in Addition to the muti lawsuits, even lawyers that will take all cases pertaining to AT&T. I was hoping you could let me know how things went for you.

Hope your having a good...


Jeanine CA.USA

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Moss Point, Mississippi, United States #1299421

Problem there is ... the lawyers will get the lions share of any settlement and we, the complainers will get a pittance.

Individual suits might be better.

Dora, Alabama, United States #1295314

Ok I can't believe this; I thought I was the only one with issues.Today I have contacted the Alabama Attorney Generals Consumers office and found out there is multiple complaints against U-Verse.

They connected me 5 yrs ago and should have never, due to us to far from the Main.They were supposed to pay me 3 months back and instead billed me the last month, and when I didn't pay it because I was waiting for the back pay, they sent me to a collection agency.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1230158

Anonymous.I agree and would have no hesitation being part of a class action lawsuit against AT&T.

My issue involves AT&T attempting to install a modem in my home in connection with an alleged bundling of my cell phone and home landline. The guy asked me where was my internet.

I never had internet and wasn't seeking obtain internet services and when I took the box out and returned it to AT&T they cut off my landline services because I would not let them put a new box back in.They said I broke the bundle agreement by not letting them put the box in.


This is a constant issue for all ATT users.My services have not changed for years however my bill is incorrect (approx $40 higher) every other month!!!!!!!

I've spent endless hours getting them to adjust the bill while they act like they are somehow doing me a favor by correcting the bill.Straight up Crooks!!!!!!

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1335702

I spent hours and hours on the phone for the past 12 months fighting over my u-verse direct tv and internet bill.I am tired and frustrated.

This AT&T company is horrible and scammed... They did not honored the promotion that they offered. My bill fluctuated every other month. I gave up and wanted to cancel my services but they convinced me to keep my internet services.

They offer another 24 months internet service for a price of $30/month. And guess what once again, my internet bill didn't came out $30/month instead $40/month. What The the f... is wrong with AT&T.

Maybe they think all Americans are idiots.

Lots of people probably think I am *** and so negative But I am been on hold for 30 minutes "frustrating and Don't know what to do at this point".Forget about collection and good credit.

Bogalusa, Louisiana, United States #1183397

I want in on the class action

Winter Garden, Florida, United States #1178499

I had the very same problem with at&t u verse, bill was never what they promised, had to call almost every month, whoever I would talk to, ( most could hardly speak English, much less trying to understand them )..very unsatisfied with them, when contract was up, they told me I had a refund coming and then they send me a bill...I have all my bills to prove this...I think there should be a lawsuit against them.

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