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Acct: 124487584

Case: CA1612700

We have usually enjoyed our service over the years but have several issues that continue to go unaddressed.


Profanity from technician

Yelling from a technician

When yelling was addressed to Manager Bryan and Area Manager Marlon Martinez, I was told, "That's just how he is."

Technician involved in hit and run became violent and threatens to cause bodily harm to myself while in the presence of my 11 and 12 yr old daughters.

Hit & Run by technician to parked vehicle

Technician blocking throughway, stating" I am a utility company. I can block this because I am working."

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Initial escalation recording lack of service and tripling of price of service.

The modem, WAP, Router and main DVR have been replaced.

There is a confirmed short in the line 130ft out.

All internal wiring was changed.

All wiring from the port to premises has been changed

We are subscribed to 25mbps HSD and only receive 12 to 15 at best.

This is only received when all other devices are unplugged and not connected

This is only achieved with a wired connection.

We lose view capability on Video service as well as ability to even change a channel or service.

We intermittently lose phone service.

The response has been that we have too many services to receive acceptable service on all of our services.

My family is not comfortable with AT&T personnel on site without my presence due to the attempted assault.

I have been informed that either my wife and children can feel unsafe and allow your personnel on site or wait until my next weekday availability which is July 5, 2016.

My family and I feel that this retaliation for addressing the service issues.

Each time a truck roll has been completed, our service has worsened.

As of the last visit on Monday, June 6, we were receiving 2Mbps and loss of TV functionality. Additionally, the phone line was chopped and static filled.

Please just let us know if we are not wanted as customers. This feels like being ants tortured by a kid with a magnifying glass

We would like to continue our service but need to receive the service which we are paying for.

In addition to this, when I asked why our services were getting worse with each visit, I was told, Well, you can always choose to leave" by the area manager, Marlon Martinez, when I asked f we were even wanted.

Furthermore, Danielle Sewell, another area manager came out on the 7th service call to my home in the last 2 weeks and met with my wife. When I called to inquire as too what transpired as our services where once again not working, Ms. Sewell proceeded to scream loudly in exasperation. She stated" You are frustrating me"


Again, I just want to receive the service that we subscribe to. We shouldn't be told that we can only have 2 to 3 total devices connected when we have 4 TVs. That does not make any sense. I you want to have some thug try to fight you or "managers" yell, scream and tell you you are not wanted then ATT is the company for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor service, Poor customer service, attempted assault.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

ATT Cons: Inaccuracy with the phone reps, Lies about pricing.

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The worst customer service ever, very incompetent in every way. From technicians to customer service to billing.

And to think people trust them with their alarm monitoring. And their isn't anyone to blame but ourselves for using this service.

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