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I was purposly waiting for my contract to expire so that I could go on my Fiance's VERIZON plan with a 21% discount through work. AFTER it had expired I went to VERIZON and got set up on his plan...

HAPPY TO BE BACK W VERIZON! Since ATT took it upon themselves to RENEW me w/o my physical signature, i got another monthly bill. when i called to straighten it out they lied and said i SIGNED to renew and I had to pay over $300! for my final bill and to BREAK my contract!

THIS IS *** but i paid them and NEVER will return!!!!!! EVER!

I will FB about this once a month. My employer uses ATT which is the ONLY reason i switched and I went to the Director of Technology who negotiates contracts (our bill is over $k a MONTH) and told her about my experience!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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ATT doesn't just renew your contract. Either you did it and you're lying, someone else on the account did it (if there is another person on the account with access), or someone else who was not supposed to have access did it (fraud).


Seriously you work for AT&T and you are going to call me a liar as opposed to taking initiative to investigate my complaint to work on a solution, or show me where I consented; PROOF again the customer service is just not there. I paid and I am DONE with AT&T.

Customer Service means everything! ,)


I don't work with ATT's social media department, and I'm not saying you're definitely a liar. I actually gave you other options as well.

All I'm saying is that what you described is impossible. That's all.


It is possible. It happened to me today with our long distance service. The rep said they sent notice that they would automatically renew unless I opted out.

Bad faith by AT&T, if not fraud.


Yes, It happened to me too!


I had the same problem before. So someone went to AT&T and use your number to get a new phone.

So AT&T would put a new two years contract on that number. Whether you're using your new phone or not.

Confront them it's all I could do. :(


ATT renewed our long distance without a signature. After four years of service I got hit with a $90 early termination fee today.

They said they sent me a notice that I was automatically renewed unless I opted out. Really?! Aside from the bill the majority of mail I get from ATT is marketing junk mail.

In good faith they really should have an explicit opt-in when renewing a contract with a hefty termination fee.

$90 for a $10/month service. It would have been cheaper to keep it on until expiration, but I wanted to rid myself of AT&T (forever!)

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