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Me: I would like to speak live with a Loyalty Reward manager about my cell phone bill. I spent over 1 hour today getting transferred 6 times.

Pathetic. I have been an AT&T cellular customer for over 30 years. Im paying $175 a month for my 3 cell phones. Sprint is offering the same plan for $100 a month.

I recently retired so the $75 a month savings is important to me. I thought my 30 plus years would matter to AT&T, but from my 62-minute fruitless conversation with 6 different customer service people, I can see that there is no loyalty. To make matters worse, the last manager actually told me the famous standby line the system is down, please call back in 24 hours. I wanted to throw my thousand-dollar cell phone against the wall.

I would still like a manager with the cell phone division of customer loyalty at AT&T to call me and tell me that the 62 minutes that I spent today on the phone going from the Philippines to Arizona wasnt a complete waste of my time.

Meanwhile, I will copy this rant on to as many social media's as possible in hopes of giving free advertisement to Sprint and confirming to as many millennials as possible that AT&T is such a huge bureaucratic conglomerate that cares nothing for customer loyalty but only cares for what country provides them with the cheapest live voices to tell unhappy customers how deeply they care about our grievances but after careful review of our billing statement, we are already on the best AT&T billing plan, offered only to our loyal customers and Have a nice day.

I say, most humbly, that AT&T should start draining the swamp in their organization, beginning with the elitist upper management that believes the easiest way to handle customer complaints is to wear them down talking to third world citizens who can be hired for starvation wages and to act as AT&T representatives when in truth they have no authority to change any billing grievance. Way to go AT&T on not only showing you care nothing about your customers but also for exploiting lesser advanced countries.

AT&T: Im afraid I am having trouble understanding. Could you please try asking your question with fewer words? You will be able to ask follow up questions later if necessary.

Me: I cant be more succinct.

Please pass this grievance on to your manager as I am passing it on to social media. Have a nice day!

AT&T: Hmmm. Could you rephrase your question?

Virtual Assistants understand simple questions best.

Me: I think your last reply answered my question. Thank you so much for your personal touch.

Just another satisfied customer!

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