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Each month att...try to change services and charge more money, customer service lie about no contracts and it's not about money, ATT change services, to get more money, no compren ATT ellos *** mentiras consiguen los clientes, cuando suben el servicio queda en un contrato y cambia los servicios super caros algo que parece economico se vuelve en cuentas de 500 o mas pasa en U-niverse, tvcable, internet, y en el servicio de celular. U-niverse comiensa *** un pago de 80 al mes cuando supuestamente se acaba las promociones sube a 300 y de hay en adelante se convierte en pesadilla sube y sube y sube

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I'm so upset about what has happened that I just had to make it as "Sarcastic" as possible. Hopefully you can get a few laughs.

Its so pathetic what is happening to people because of "Corporate America's Greed" in this day & age!

Are you bored & have nothing exciting to do to occupy your mind? I have the answer just call AT&T & get “U-Verse” for your phone, Internet & your cable! You will get more excitement then you can stand honest!

Your Brain will be stimulated more then it ever has been what you will experience is “Out of this World”!

Do what I have done call AT&T to have your phone, Internet & cable through them installed. I called AT&T to do this because "Direct TV" was not only "Clueless" but they were also "Brain Dead". So I thought I would get "intelligent" people at AT&T since its been around for a while & I have been a customer for over 25 years. When I contacted AT&T I hit the "Mother Load" in "*** Ville, Clueless & Brain Dead"!

AT&T, U-Verse & DSL can’t get there stories straight. Go in all directions here there anywhere everywhere on Earth out in space where they come from who knows where they all go to or come from!

They don’t know if it takes two hours, three hours four hours five hours six hours seven hours eight hours nine hours 10 hours 11 hours 12 hours or seven days to reconnect your DSL so far I’m going on SEVEN DAYS without Internet service.

When I called to find out what happened to my DSL appointment I was told by an employee that my “Ticket” was issued in “Error” on the same day of the NO SHOW October 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm & has been canceled by the system internally! So Mashinda knows exactly what happened.

Clyde who told me about the ticket being canceled knows exactly what is going on. Larry the Tech also knows what happened that came out today October 18, 2014.

These people are “Humans” that don’t know they are working with the “Aliens”. So DSL came back to the Planet Earth & is no longer “Lost in Space”.

Which I guess is a good thing they have been “Lost in Space” since October 11, 2014 when the “Central Office” disconnected the DSL, “Wow! What an experience”! So now the mystery of the “Open Ticket & the Canceled Ticket Saga Error” has been taken care of. No more open canceled, open canceled open canceled open canceled open canceled if this was a blinking light informing you of this you would be a “Total Space Cadet” by now.

It has to be “Aliens” that came from the seventh planet in our Solar System from the Sun that are working for AT&T NO HUMAN could be this “Clueless” but then again…, are some people that work for AT&T “Aliens from out of this World”! Does the Head Planet control the “Internal System” or does the “Internal System” control the Head Planet”? “Knock, Knock anybody Home”??????? You will get text messages how many I don’t know I had 36 text messages telling me they don’t understand the word “CANCEL” you know that could explain why they are so screwed up.

What is so hard to understand about the word “CANCEL”! You will also experience DSL making an appointment which is a “No Show appointment sitting around ALL DAY calling to find out why just to get an answering machine telling you that you have an “Open Ticket” Repeat Reschedule or Cancel. It’s sort of nice to try to understand why you are hearing this “Robot Answering Machine” it sets us up here on Earth as to what the future holds for “Mankind”! The only good thing about this is that you get real quality time with your family, how thoughtful they are.

Have to make another appointment in order to get your DSL connected but can’t do this until the U-Verse is Canceled make an appointment don’t make an appointment had an appointment yet canceled the appointment had an appointment with a NO SHOW given another appointment that you don’t know about then make another appointment for the NO SHOW. Even after you have done all of this they still have to come to your house to restore the DSL. Even though they didn’t come out to disconnect the DSL line they have to come out to restore it. Yes, you will have more excitement then you can stand but the good thing about this is you will get more quality time with your family.

How really thoughtful they are. Whether they are from “Earth” or the seventh planet from the Sun in our Solar System you are guaranteed excitement you will find out more things then you can hardly stand. U-Verse is definitely from another Universe out in space somewhere & AT&T is right there along with DSL. Customers that are thinking about U-Verse installation I would suggest you don’t change to U-Verse if you do you will get total KAOS more stress & time wasted then you can imagine not to mention the money it costs you.

If we had had all our services through “U-Verse” the phone the Internet the cable we would have NO phone, NO Internet & NO Cable for seven days! On October 16, 2014 I get a call from a Joe at AT&T asking & telling me about “U-Verse” & if I would like to sign up! I told Joe NO explained to him that I wasn’t mad at him for what was happening but don’t call me again. On October 17, 2014 last night I get a call from AT&T & woman that works for AT&T named Isaura asking me if I wanted to “Update my Line” from DSL to the “U-Verse”?

That in order to do this they would have to put in a new modem & it would only cost you $44.00? a month. This would be wired from the “Fiber Optics U-Verse Department” of AT&T. When I told her to not call again & why she apologized & only four (4) people out of the over 20 people almost thirty (30) I have dealt with at AT&T, DSL & U-Verse since October 11th 2014 Saturday told me they were sorry about my experience.

One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing in this case several hands don’t know what several hands are doing if they even have hands! What is even scarier is Isaura told me that AT&T is getting away from DSL & switching the whole system to “U-Verse” we are really screwed now! The world as we know it will never be the same “The Aliens have landed” & will be in “Total Control” as far as “U-Verse” is concerned. Larry the technician that came out today Saturday the 18th of October found out what happened.

Seems that the “Central Office” where all of this started & DSL was “Lost in Space” wired our DSL to another DSL! And they want to wire the whole system? Classic! These are copies of ACTUAL TEXTS: AT&T U-verse Reminder: Tech sched for 10/11 btwn 9AM-11AM.

Need to resched? Reply HELP for agent or visit Reply STOP to opt out APPT WAS CANCELED NEED TO RESCHEDUAL HELP HELP CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL APPT TODAY SENT MESSAGES TO RESCHEDUAL YESTERDAY YESTERDAY NEED RESCHEDUAL Could you please provide the four digit Passcode associated with this Account? READY FOR TECH PASSWORD CODE xxxx If you have replied, I did not receive your text. Some phones restrict texts to 160 characters.

Please shorten your reply and resend. xxxx CANCEL!!!!!!! Sorry we did not understand your response. If you require agent assistance please reply HELP when you are ready to text.

CANCEL Sorry we did not understand your response. If you require agent assistance please reply HELP when you are ready to text. CANCEL DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS WORD MEANS! IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS WORD MEANS YOU NEED TO CALL YOUR "MOTHER SHIP"!!!!!


"SULOO" GO TO WORPED FACTER ONE! Sorry we did not understand your response. If you require agent assistance please reply HELP when you are ready to text.

These are just a few texts back & fourth "Absolutely Ridiculous"!

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