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I had been a mobile customer and had the same account for 19 years. Over the years I have had a few issues with them but nothing like the issues I had when leaving that service.

I was hung up on because I had asked to speak with a supervisor, my account which I am disputing the last bill, somehow they associated it with my sons account and turned his service off. Took over 5 hours to get it partially resolved. In the past 45 days I have spent over 20 hours on the phone with AT&T trying to make sure I jumped through all of their hoops in order to leave and then to dispute my bill. They shut my service off early to prevent me from porting my number, transferred my service to my husband which he did not authorize, charged me for dates of service after I had cancelled, charged me late fees, they cancelled only my line due to lack of payment which was not the case(and not their standard procedure), and generally have not been at all helpful.

I have been turfed to so many departments that I have lost count, have been hung up on, yelled at, talked down to, and outright lied to. I honestly only left them because of a specific policy to their data mining and keeping phone and text records from 2008 to present. I truly feel that this is a violation of my rights and the only way to dispute this was to leave their service. But I certainly tell anyone who has AT&T about their project Hemisphere policies and their secret data mining ATF, FBI & DEA linked activities.

Google it, it is for real and not even attached to the patriot act.

Be assured that your phone records and text and data records are held for MANY years and searched regularly. I am all for Law enforcement getting a search warrant to investigate suspicious persons, but to randomly go through customers records to look for specific texts calls or whatever is plain wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ATT Pros: Years of good customer service.

ATT Cons: Way i was treated when i left.

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AT&T withheld someone else bill out of my checking account. They said last month that they had put the money back into my account, only to find out they lied about returning my money.

Then held the other person bill out of my account this month, even though I told them to close my direct pay from my checking account last month.

They added my direct pay when I gave them my account number of my bank to put my money back in my account. It is unreal what they pull off and get by with it.

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