I'm writing about the scam called 'Next' by Att. I was told to place my upgrade order online itself. So I did and it took over as the 'Next' plan.

I did not want this plan-so I immediately called ATT's no, the *** on line put me on hold for 55 minutes going back and forth and then finally said that I needed to call the Premier ATT line -of course they were closed when I called.

I called ATT's premier no, went over the hoops of speaking with multiple idiots again- identifying myself and going over the whole issue of either cancelling my order or change to the $199 onetime payment and 2 year contract and not be involved in the Next scam. Nobody could help-they said the order was in the warehouse, can't cancel now. I could when I get the intimation that my order is processed. I get an email about my order being processed-can't do anything yet - no none can help cancelling, the online return is so convoluted it does not help. No ATT staff can help.

Finally these idiots ship the order, I call again - can't cancel according to ATT premier support person, need to take the box to the store. I had to talk and yell at the supervisor and then she says she can send me an return label to resend the box to their warehouse and I will be credited with my payments and I will be credited once they receive the box back to reorder.

This whole process is disgusting, irrational and deceptive. So many people must have fallen prey this. I do hope someone take up the spade and buries this useless company into the ground, starting with Apple who should cancel selling iPhones through ATT.

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@ Anonymous, I had AT&T lie through their teeth to me about their Next SCAM.I Have been a loyal customer of AT&T's for 10 yrs (wireless) and 20 yrs (landline) and they were a fairly honest company at one time, they now subscribe to the theory "It don't matter if we are actually giving you the good deal we said we would give you......as long as you think we're giving you a good deal" A decent company should be upfront w their customers.

Even if we all had time to read the 10 page contract they give us, I doubt we would totally comprehend it unless we hired a *** lawyer.AT&T has become a shiesty bunch of @$$ holes!!!!


Read what you're signing up for ***.

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