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AT&T started billing my wife's account at about Sept.2016 Haven't been billed for 8 years on her account.That's because she's been dead for 8 years.When she passed I called AT&T and canceled her phone and internet account and they said they would.Called at least 5 times to get this fixed,They transfer me to 4-5 different agents and the last agent says I'll transfer you to a specialist. CLICK.This has happened more times then I can remember.They are a monopoly and should be investigated by the FCC and government agencies They treat customers like *** because they know they are the only ones providing phone and internet service.I'd rather deal with the Mafia.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stop billing my dead wife and threatening to cancel my cell phone that is on her bill that when I cancled her account was told I'd have my own account with my own cell phone number.

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Just ignore any bills as you are not responsible for them and if you get any calls about them just tell them she is deceased and give out no further information. A similar thing happened to us.

They will go away eventually.

Just remember you are not responsible and make sure you don't pay them to make it go away. Have a nice Christmas.


Thank you for the info but they say if I don't pay her bill they will cancel MY cell phone.They did cancel it once when I paid half the bill and they(idiots) said they understood and were sorry for my wife's passing but I still have to pay the rest of the bill.When I asked why I haven't received a bill in 8 yrs they(idiots) didn't know. Hold on sir I will be right back.Hold on. CLICK.Gone.No call back, nothing.Gone thru this routine 4-5 times with AT&T.

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