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I had it a situation with a check in june, as soon as I realize I try to make the payment by phone with a credit card, but I was told by their Rep., that on their system still show my bill as paid, so he can't collect any more payments. I told him I don't want my services to be disconnected for this, but still without any advice my services were disconnected.

I quickly call and ask why they disconnect without collecting the payment I was trying to do with my credit card, the sales Rep told me, you made a dishonest transaction and now you have to pay restoral charges. I was like what are you calling me dishonest after I call this company trying to make the payment, anyway what really made me mad is that not only they charge me on that time, but now the next bill comes with restoral charges again.

My services were restore only once but I am being charge double for each service I have, and that is 120.00 on restoral charges for the month of August when my services were disconnected in June 12 only once, well now my entire bill for August is $319.00 and after more than an our on the phone with multiple "costumer service" rep ,transferring you for one department to the other I even have some names (Lily,Cindy,Britney,Tamy,Noel) nobody did anything they don't understand that I am being charge double. I have a contract until December, I will never get services with Att again...NEVER....YOUR COSTUMER SERVICE SUCKS I DONT KNOW HOW YOU GET THOSE FIRST PLACES ON COSTUMER SATISFACTION$$$$$ and I will never call a costumer DISHONEST....shame on you ATT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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This review from zory is basically what happened to me. The supervisors and agents are ignorant and upset that they have to be taking theses calls and therefore completely unwilling to help...Kimberly Johnson is a perfect example of that.

I called the billing department and was transferred from person to person and when I finally ended up speaking to Kimberly, she told me she can't help me because I was in the wrong department. She should not be a supervisor. She is not willing to help anyone.

She's just an angry woman waiting to let our her frustrations. Agents Ebony and Shaunda give as much attitude as their supervisor.


ATT uses an outdated billing system and their reps aren't trained in how it works.

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