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I can not explain how pissed off I am with att uverse services. Every month my bill was higher and higher.

They didn't give me any warning stating that my bill was going to increase or why it increase so much. The only thing I recieved was my bill at the end of the month I'm am extremely fed up with att uverse. I am definitely going to send them to better buisness bureau. It's not fair for existing customers to have to pay so much.

I don't understand how an existing customer has to pay more then a new customer?

Shouldn't existing customers get better benefits? Also when ever I spoke to someone in customer service I asked how much my bill was going to be "including taxes" and they still could not give me an exact amount!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

ATT Cons: Price increase every month.

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They renew your contract after a year and then up it to the "correct" price (read: non-promotional). I was very happy with my Uverse for the year I had it, but better believe I called them three weeks before my year was up and told them I wanted to cancel it (wasn't going to turn $60/monthly to $120 monthly).

They tell you it at the beginning and it's in the contract you sign (it also depends on how good your rep is that sold you the product; I had a very good, informative rep that made me aware of all this and told me to mark my calendar and call them back about any other promotions at the year mark. It'd *** not having a good rep, though). With taxes, my bill was usually around $68.00. They gave me $100 bucks when I joined them so I feel like I came out ahead, but I also lucked out with the rep service I got.

Good luck to you, hope it was fixed!


I have had the exact same problem. Reading this was like deja vue as I also have no recourse here in Reno as Charter is even worse and almost burned my house down I am stuck if I want TV.

I thought monopolies were illegal in the US. Greed always wins.

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