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Can not save this complaint.Can not cange AT and t wirless to read AT&T WIRELESS as it should

Original review updated by user Nov 27, 2021

November of COVID-19 pandemic year 2020 I was forced to stay home for 2 weeks and I left my AT&T phone at the office.

Using dead time I decided to pay my bill. On login it requires me to receive a text to complete login.

I could not receive because my phone was 30 miles away.

I have more than one phone on different providers so I called up support apparently in India and spoke with a person who did not seem to have big picture experience. I did all of the obvious things he requested me to do then he suggested that my account needed to be reset or deleted and recreated something like that. I told him that I did not see that would change anything but complied as he refused to do anything else. AS EXPECTED, this did not change anything but it did send me an email for date and time documentation which helped me to see that fraudulent charges to my card happened the same day I gave out my personal info to a person supposedly 2nd tier AT&T support.

After much go round he claimed to be bringing in an expert to transfer me to.

Once again I explained that my phone was not in my possession and I therefore could not receive a text to log into my account to pay my bill. This man then told me he would take care of me. Since I had been on the phone for something over half an hour I was getting impatient. He told me if I gave him all of my payment information ...

credit card number, secret code, expiration date, billing address "I will take care of you" He then told me to stand by and informed me he would call me back in a short time.

I waited and waited and no call came.

The next time I was at the office to retrieve my AT&T phone I tried to log into my account but the text never came. CATCH 22 -- can't do anything without logging in and can't log in without text. Can't fix text without logging in.

The next time I was at the bank I saw 3 strange charges on my bank account that made it look like I had visited Chicago and somewhere in Arizona and charged something. I called and reported it to my bank who indicated it was fraud and cancelled my card and put it under investigation.

The next time I checked my email I compared the date of the fraudulent charges and found them to coincide with the day I stupidly gave out my complete credit card info to some faceless voice after calling AT&T support and being transferred to another party.

I can't even see any statements because I am paperless.

The person who was supposed to use my card info to make a payment for me never did that.

I went into 3 different ATT stores trying to get a manager. Managers are always "in a meeting" "out for the day" "too busy" etc.

I did not want to discuss this thing that looked like an employee was involved with anyone under a manager but nobody would allow me to talk to a manager without a reason. Eventually I told the story several times to people who then said "Oh, you will need to talk to the manager..." Then the manager was not in but if I could come back the day after never then I could speak to the manager.

Eventually I got lucky, after driving out of my way about 20 times hoping for a manage, and captured "a manager" but not "THE location manager" who informed me after some investigation of notes on my account that I was responsible for turning off my own text messages 3 or 4 months earlier but the strange thing is that I would not have been able to log in and pay my bill during those months if that were true. I then asked what would be the symptom if that were true and he told me that I would pay per text since it said my text messaging free message allowance benefit was turned off.

After he told me that the result would be that I had to pay per message I then demonstrated that ATT would claim to send me a text but it did not come. Next, I pulled out my verizon phone and demonstrated that no messages flowed either way with success. I asked him to review notes further. He told me that the other person (who knew that he was talking to me at a number he repeated to me from their screen documentation [are you calling about xxx-xxx-xxxx?]) had made a note in the record that he tried to call me back on the phone number that we were discussing being 30 miles away and that I did not answer.

(he left no message which is really strange because ATT reps always do leave a vm) It really strongly suggests that a crime took place. A man gathered all of my credit card details and claimed he would "take care" of me -presumably by making the payment to my account with my card- then instead of an ATT bill payment appearing in my bank account (it is a debit card with limited funding to protect from large fraud), 3 fraudulent charges appeared.

I have had no success sorting this out and have been at AT&T LOCATIONS for over 5 hours explaining and re-explaining the situation.


Because my account without text messaging became nearly useless I stopped carrying the phone but continued to pay for fear that some government institution or other business entity might only be able to identify me if they could confirm I had that phone number. (I have paid nearly $700 for a phone that has used zero minutes in the past year +)

I require that they turn my text messaging back on.The person from India told me he could fix it if I paid double what I was paying.

That is absurd since I am supposed to have text messaging as part of the bill and pay extra per message. I have been unable to see a statement for over a year now.

User's recommendation: Avoid ATT wireless like the plague. If you have them do not allow them to transfer support calls to other people and never offer them any credit card info over the phone. They have it in their records and do not need that to be spoken over the phone,

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: I am owed a working account and access to my online account and some compensation for the time driving to their store to make a payment monthly plus the hours to speak with a manager. At my rate of pay that is over $500 .

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