Schaumburg, Illinois
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I switched my family's wireless service to Verizon, having been unhappy with AT&T's rates and quality of service (reception).

There were 3 phones on my account, plus an iPad. The two main phone lines were switched to Verizon upon receipt of our new phones (Sept 12th). The second phone was sent to the wrong address (customer service typo) and delayed the switch for that line to Oct 2nd. The iPad had to be done in-store, so was switched on a Saturday, Oct 6th.

I called AT&T after my first two lines were moved over to Verizon, to see if I would need to cancel service. They said I did not need to call, the lines are ported over automatically. They told me to wait to receive my final bill for the prorated amounts. Since my 3rd phone did not arrive until Oct 2nd, I called again to discuss the prorated September bill, generated on Sept 1st (for service dates Sep 2 - Oct 1. Once I received the third phone on Oct 2, I immediately canceled that line too. Since my service dates are 2nd of the month to the first of the next month, I should have no other charges on my bill, other than 4 days of iPad service (Oct 2 - 6th). AT&T disabled my login credentials to their website and the app, so I was no longer able to log into my online account after switching the last lines. I've never seen a final detailed bill, so have been unable to close out my account. I've spoken to customer service 6 times now since early October. The outstanding bill is now for a full month of September and partial for October, for times when I no longer had service. They insist that I owe this bill in its entirety, but the dates do not align with the service I'm being charged for. I should receive 18 days prorated credit for September for 2 lines, and no charges for phones in October. I should be charged a prorated fee for Oct 2 - 6 service for the iPad.

I was with AT&T for over 12 years. I was a loyal customer, but their antics and this dishonest billing is a scam. Why was my account deleted online so that I could no longer see and track my account? This is a scam, and I'e refused to pay this bill in full until I see the account detail, with prorated figures as they said I would. The numbers do not line up. I am reporting them to the BBB as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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