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ATT cannot properly service iphone! Customer Service/Tech Supp.

is horrible. Went to exchange from iphone to blackberry and retail ATT employee could not get over after 5 times inability to initiate voice mail and get email working! They rip you off with poor equipment towers, drop calls, hangups then to really insult you, send you to Guam for Tech Support. Home Modums stink, HGTV has problems, this company needs to be broken up again.

Had to unwind the blkberry purchase and are going to DUMP ATT. Want a refund for years of droped calls, poor equip not handling calls. Which govern't provider polices ATT? FCC or who?

Want to protect my legal rights! ATT Stinks

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Email Service.

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I am getting the same thing from att,

and everytime I call, its like calling a zoo. no one knows what the heck they are talking about, everyone says a different number.

It is completely retarded.

I need a way out, I really cannot stand it anymore.

I heard they are suing att in San Francisco, for over billing.


AT&T was bombarding me with advertisements in the mail that looked liked bills, so I inadvertently through the real bill out thinking it was more solicitation. When my service was disconnected I immediately called and brought the account current.

They talked to me about uverse so I agreed to the service...Mistake no. 1. I was informed that all my services were restored. This was not true my DSL was not connected.

I contacted Tech Support who told me they did not receive the restore order. So I called the next day, they resubmitted the order, DSL was not restored and Tech Support said they did not receive the retore order...this went on for 4 days. The 5th day they told me they were going to put in the restore order, I informed them that has been done over the past week and there is something else going on other than the order. I was then informed there was a glitch in the AT&T system and my account was showing current and past due at the same time.

She stated she would have to put in a ticket to fix the problem so she could get the service restored. She said it should take 24-48 hours. 48 hours later I called to follow up, she said the problem had been fixed but the ticket had not been closed out, so she would have to put in another ticket to close out the previous ticket before she could submit the restore order; this would take another 24-48 hours. (I work from home quite a bit so it was important to get my internet services restored)I said a few choice words and hung up.

The next day was a Saturday and I called to follow up; the new ticket had not been placed. So he took my number and promised to call back if we got disconnected; but he promised to take care of it that day. We got disconnected - he did not call me back. Monday, I called 3 times, because each time I called they took my number promised to call back if disconnected - and they never did.

Tuesday I'm pissed now, but I'm asking them why is it so hard to restore my internet service. This time they tell me its because I signed up for Uverse and somehow the DSL got associated with that service and I should just wait until they install the Uverse - which was a week out. This was not an acceptable solution. So disgusted with the Customer Service because there was no follow up from AT&T, no one took the initiative to resolve the issues, and no one was calling me back like they had promised and the hold time was ridiculus - 1hr 30min per call and only talked to someone about 15min.

Once they had me on hold for so long I had to hang up and call back. Tired of dealing with this I called to have the Uverse cancelled; if they can't fix a DSL issue I didn't trust them with my television. For 2 days I tried to cancel the service, they wouldn't cancel it - the order was never placed. Saturday I called they gentleman was so upset after reading the notes on my account; he assured me we would get this taken care of that day, he transferred me - She didn't know why or who I was; so yet again I had to explain the issue and told her I wanted Uverse cancelled.

She talked me into pushing it back until the end of the month. Well Monday I called for DSL service and they told me...No you have to cancel the service, it would be another 24-48 hrs.... I finally spoke to a manager who called the Uverse department to get them to cancell the order manually so they could restore service..the Uverse department refused. So the manager stated they would call me back the next day by 2pm to bring resolution to this matter.

This is going on the 3rd week. That Friday they did not call me and I was not calling them because I called them everyday for 2 weeks to get nothing accomplished. When they didn't call me back at 2pm, I went out and signed up for Clear. Clear had me activated before I left the store.

For good faith when I got home I checked to see if services were restored with AT&T, and it wasn't. So I unhooked all their equipment, packed it up in a box and I will be dropping off the equipment at an AT&T location tomorrow. And you know what the kicker really was? AT&T turned me over to a collection agency for $33.00.

Mind you I paid exactly what they told me to pay so I have no idea what this $33.00 is for. Time Warner sucks and is a major rip off, but I would go back to them before I'd go back to AT&T.

If you're reading this please know that your Customer Service Sucks and they are costing you a lot of business. I will never recommend AT&T to anyone.


ATT is the biggest waste of $$ i have ever had. When it was cingular i had no issues and now i t seems that my bill is climbing steaadily every month.

I now have the blackberry bold 9700 i am currently waiting for my replace ment bc it decided to just stop working and i am on replace ment 4 in 2 monthes. Rediculous!!! not to mention they want me to pay 150 for each replacement for what is the 5 a month for and y do i have to pay for a phone that is ***. I didnt break it, it just sucks.

I call customer service and i get hung up on for suggesting i speak to someone that can speak english and n ot say the same thing over and over that does not even relate to anything iasked. I HATE AT&T


A T & T sucks! been a customer since 2002(cingular) March 09 added a line.

was guaranteed nothing would change. my 5000+ rollover minutes would still be intact. the very next month, they were wiped out. called them.

the next month they put them back. well then of course what happens exactly one year later? 5000+ rollover minutes expire. i now have 102 rollover minutes.

all these years have been building up rollover minutes to have to start at square one with 5 lines is disgusting. by my calculation at this moment i should have about 4000. i know minutes expire every month but at 850 a month you could theoretically have 10,200.

no one at at & t seems to want to help.

can anyone help? my rollover cushion is totally wiped out.


I too signed up for AT&T when they took over Wireless which I never had a problem with, they were always happy to help. AT&T is not there for their customers. I bought a Blackberry Curve which has been a problem from day one.

I bought my plan through Chat Cat and they can't fix it nor will AT&T.

I have NEVER in my 59 years of life ever ever had such bad customer service.

Recieving my bill today they have now signed me up for unlimited messaging which I never signed up for. Been paying for data that I could never receive.

I hate this company.. Im ready to make calls to news media myself... I want out of AT&T.


I choose to pay my At &t wireless by mail. The bill arrives two weeks before the posted due date. On the back of the statement it says it may take 7-10 days to post so actually I get one week to pay


AT&T keeps adding a small charge each month for data access. I do not subscribe or use any data services, but there are two buttons on the Samsumg SGH-A837 cell phone that automatically connect to the Internet when depressed.

One of hese buttons serves the OK purpose when in an application or menu, but when at rest, it goes direct to AT&T internet; the other button is between the Options button and the talk button and connects directly to AT&T GPS whether you have subsribed to that service or not. Accidentally pressing one of these buttons apparaently triggers a minimum data access charge.

AT&T says there is no way to disable these actions. There is an option to "opt out" of data access altogether, but that will disallow all picture or vidoeo attachmentes to text messages; those attachments are allowed with text messages (which I subscribe to) normally, but not after I "opt out." If there is no way to disable accidental access to data access services from the phone, or opt out only for internet access, AT&T should not charge for these "no data transmitted" data connections.


I am so mad at AT&T.They told us so many times they put insurance on my phone and when we went to go use it they said we didn't have any insurance.They are the worst phone company I have ever done business with.I am ready to cancel service with them all together.They are never helpful or do anything to help solve any of your problems.They literally do nothing to help you :(


I will never do busniess with them again.AT&T wirerless have this habit of over billing me every month since I started a service for cell phone.I have to call or pay a visit to my local AT&T store with my proof of payments plus bank statements to show how they got thier payments.I pay on time in full every month,now how can I be charged 600.00 a month when I am on a rate plan and never go over my time.It is June now I am back at thier shop explaining to them asd showing how my bill is payed why am I being overcharged I got the lame excuse the charges are from December of 2008,Hello this is june 2009 December has come and gone and been payed. Plus you have fight with them for bogus charges from other venders of ringtone downloads etc.

that I have never subscribed to . On my last visit was the worst I come to find out that not only I but every person that was there at that time was haveing the same issues as me being over charged and told the charges are from December of 2008 plus some people had thier service shut off before the due date even though thier proof of payment was showen .I will be cvalling the puco over this matter plus I really pissed At&t off by having them dissconnect my phone and terminate my service with them they tryed to strong arm me and refused to do so until I told them if they don't I will call every news agency in my area and have them there to report on how they are ripping everybody off.

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