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Update by user Sep 17

There were NO confirmation numbers in any emails sent by the company.

Original review posted by user Sep 17

I have been an AT&T Internet customer for a while now and then on September 5 I called to add DIRECTV to my account. I took copious notes and was given an installation date of September 16 from 8 AM to noon.

On November 11th, I called to confirm everything that I have been told on the phone. Ryan confirmed everything, including the date and time. He did not give me a confirmation number. On September 16, I sat home waiting for the installation.

At 11:31 I called to find out where my tech was. The automated system said I had an appointment scheduled for 8 AM to noon. I asked to speak to a representative who told me that the appointment was for noon to 4 PM. She said it had always been noon to four and I was wrong.

I said that I had an email from them stating the date and the time. She again said that I was wrong so I asked to speak to a supervisor. I waited almost an hour. The supervisor again stated that the appointment had always been noon to four.

She asked me if I had confirmation numbers for everything because if I didn’t she didn’t have to believe me. Two reps had accuse me of lying. I decided to reschedule and ask the same supervisor for a confirmation number. She said it would be in the email.

It was it. I called back and got another rep who told me that there had been a conflict. There was no tech for my original time which was 8 AM to noon and AT&T had rescheduled. Did anyone contact me?

Did anyone ask me if the new time was suitable? Then I went online to hours later and discovered my bill has gone up $50. I called and no one could explain why this it happened. By this time I had also emailed the CEO And had decided to cancel the appointment altogether.

I then did get a call from corporate. She did apologize but offered nothing to change my mind.

Multiple reps had accuse me of lying when they were the guilty ones. Disreputable!

ATT Cons: Lack of honesty.

  • Lying Representative
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