Catonsville, Maryland
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ATT bought out Alltel in my area. It's been a nightmare!

As soon as our contract ends we're switching to Verizon. First an employee changed our plan without our permission, raising our bill significantly and adding options that we didn't need, didn't use, and didn't know were added to our bill. This employee made the changes over a 2 week period so it was a hassle for ATT to figure out. Since we were grandfathered in, they refused to change our plan back to what it was, despite the fact that we did not authorize the change.

We're stuck paying significantly more than what we paid through Alltel and we're getting less in our plan. As if that wasn't bad enough, the fraudulent employee cancelled insurance on one of the lines. It shows in the records that he removed it and they could listen to the phone transcript to see that we did not authorize him to do that. My phone is now broken and ATT refuses to honor the insurance that we paid for up until that employee cancelled it.

ATT refuses to do anything to solve the problem.

Don't go through them for cellphone service! They will change your plan without even talking to you, they'll screw up and remove your coverage and bot honor damage that happened within days of the cancellation.

I want to note again that the employee never asked if he could make those changes and we never gave consent, and they have complete records of this and are still refusing to make it right. Shockingly bad service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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They took an upgrade without written friend on my plan did a 6 month agreement for a discount off the full price of the phone and they went and took an upgrade without telling me and they refuse to give it back.611 added an upgrade to my # but you can't use it at any other store(radioshack....ect.) and the jamws bond wanna-be manager wouldn't even try to fix it.att&t seem to be a bunch of scumbags...and I thought I hated verizon but ***!

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