The technician came to set up new Internet service for me on October 30, 2019, at 3 PM. He was not able to pull the cable from the box closes to the sidewalk to my property.

I was helping him without pay. When he fished the job, he set it up by using the old password and network system. I told him, NO. Because I upgrade the Internet Service, he needed to use the network and password attaching to the new modem, otherwise, I do not get 100 MBPS.

The old one was 45 MBPS. The technician said, he already set it up to the old one. Then, he walked away. The service was not working for me until tonight.

I had to call ATT again to have someone on the phone to set it up for me.

It took 30 minutes to complete it. Questions, call me at 619-861-1973.


Xeng Yang

Reason of review: Exactly as described/ advertised.

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