Waterbury, Connecticut
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They agreed to a settlement offer from me for an ATT bill then submitted another bill to me and said I owed double. Inaddition, I could not reach them as their phone goes directly to a dial tone.

What a scam......I called att and after numerous phone calls and transfers i was told that that the bill was satisfied. i still could not reach allied to ask them to stop bothering me. in addition, mailing them doesn't help. they do not respond and do not stop calling.

in fact they left 2-3 messages on my phone on a daily basis for over a year. annoying...to say the least

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went on line to get a repair,and they said that it would cost me money for them to come out to fix the problem,so I have to go without a phone and still pay them 100.00 a month for a phone,thats just wrong it there box outside not mine.

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