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I write this complaint letter to you because your customer service and very poor and it happen to me.

03/17/2010 I call for my new service order of U-Verse high speed internet and my U-verse service should be up on 03/22/2010.

02/20/2010 I call customer service checking my new order status and your customer service told me everything will be on track and U-verse technician will come out to me on 02/22/2010.

02/22/2010 I wait for all morning and no one should up to install my U-verse service and I call your customer service and told me they will send someone out on Friday 02/26/2010 and I told them I want to cancel my order because I do not want to wait that long so they told me they will send someone out in the Morning 02/23/2010 and I ok too. Again I wait for all morning no one come again and call me later 1:30PM and I told your techinician no need to come because I am very upset and I don't want your service anymore. Around 2 or 2:30PM and your customer service call me back and ask me why I don't the service and cancel my order and I told your customer service that how at&t doing very poor service because I waited for my service since 02/22/2010 until 02/23/2010 no one call me and come late no call made me wait for over 1 day with nothing. She offer me the first month free and appology and I take her offer.

My speed I paid for 6 Meg Elite package and I received the service speed less than 2 Meg. The reason I find out because I went to Speedtest.net.

03/15/2010 I call your customer serive and tell your customer service that my speed is slow and less than 2 Meg. He also test remode on my speed and said AT&T site have equipments metal issued and he will send someone out to replace and fix it on 03/16/2010.

Finally, this time your techinician on time and told me the issued my internet speed is slow because the distance issued and that all I can get.

I ask him how come when you sale my service and not know that not good. Level 2 and Technician agreed if I want to get the Elite Package with 6 Meg than I have to switch to DSL Elite instead of U-Verse Elite package and I agreed. and Level 2 transfer me to Customer service to cancel my U-verse service and put new order for my DSL elite package and they told me my new DSL Internet will be install by Friday 03/26/2010.

Today 03/17/2010 Around 10:00AM I call your customer service and she told me she had to look on my account and within 30 mins looking on my acccount she told me she will call me back for status. After 5 to 6 hrs long and no one call me back and I call your customer service and I ask for my status and she told me I do no have any pending order..... That is very bad on your service your AT&T had.............. then I ask her to call tag my equipments back to at&t and she told me to ship the equipments back to your company with my Account # and Cancelled #

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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I will also add that as long as AT&T includes Al Jazeera in its programming packages, I will never buy their U-Verse TV programming. The rest of the country should do the same.


AT&T has the worst customer service. I just waited 9 hrs for a AT&T phone repairman to show up (automated appt 8 a.m.

to 6 p.m.) when I received an automated call at 4:45 pm saying "sorry we won't make the appt". I was assured I'd get a new "priority" appt. without a clue as to when that would be and when is the next day I'm suppose to cancel life to wait for AT&T. I have been told by AT&T workman that the problem lies in AT&T's centralized call locations - centralized as somewhere likely far away from where you live.

When appts are scheduled they are done so without realistic knowledge of how long it takes to drive from one place to another. This has nothing to do with trying to provide good customer service. It doesn't even seem to make good business sense since very few people have positive things to say about AT&T customer service. If we had an alternative provider for a land line phone, we would not do business with AT&T.

I dread each and every time we have to contact them for service because it will not be an easy time. When we got cell phones 2 yrs ago and couldn't get service inspire of paying for universe, my husband spent 5 (yes, five) hrs on the phone one day trying to get them to do something.

Nothing happened until I went in search of a local AT&T person and found someone who was and AT&T employee and upset by the lack of responsible customer service in the company the person worked for.

This individual had a crew of 6 men out the next morning and we finally had service. This did not happen because of AT&T's customer service procedures.


*** atat :(


*** atat :(


i would be the 1st of many to let you know.... at&t is the worst company ever...... i have had problems on my residential line now for about 6-8 months, but prior to that i never had this many problems....

i called countless # of tech people... they come to my house fix the problem and i am back to normal with the original problem i done started with in 48 hrs from when they left ..... 1st i call them for my phone that i have a humming noise on my line... and each and every day i make phone calls it get louder..... that still is not resolved.... then my internet started going slow... they told me to buy a new modem.... bought it... still had the same problem..... then call again.... sent 7 technical agents.... still not resolve.... then w had a major storm come thru.... and every time it rain.... i lose my telephone and internet completely..... called at&t again..... and witing about 2 weeks+ for this to get resolved which is still not resolved.... so.... i gave up on at&t..... you guys have made my # 1 *** list.... and lost my business.... if you guys take over tmobile also... you will lose an addition 5 lines that you are not worthy enough to have since your service suck that much.... i hope to company dies and rot in *** for all the people you have screwed over in your lives......

kindly your ex customer

p.s. did i forget to mention that you are the worst *** company in this god forsaken world.... and i mean that is a very passionate way



to whom I should write a complain letter, I mean which email? o address...

because i very angry...I would take a dump inside that envelope and send it to CEO..... I hate AT&T!!!


Att customer servie stinks. I've had a service ticket in for my dsl and phone for over a week know and I can't get in touch with anyone that can give me any answers. Every one wants to go paper less but you cant depend on your internet provider so bills and other issues can be taken care of.if I had another optone I would definety leave att.


In June last year I want to update my auto pay for my Uverse/phone/internet service with a new credit card as I cancelled the old one. Come August I get alerts that my bill was not paid so again I go into the system and again try to change my auto pay to the new credit card but again this happened in October, each time they applied the outstanding amount to the new card but it still was not setup as my auto pay.

In December when the same thing happened I stepped my way through and got confirmation that the new credit card was indeed setup for auto pay. On January 11, all my services were suddenly off. I called AT&T and was told my credit card was denied. I called my credit card and was told that AT&T only charged $1.01 to the card and they did not deny any charge.

When I called back AT&T to resolve this matter, I was passed around to a couple of operators who wouldn’t look into the matter on their end or try to rerun my charge, instead they wanted me to provide proof from that I paid with that credit card the last six months (they have that in their records already).

When I asked to speak to a manager due to lack of resolution with the phone rep, she hung up on me. So they lost me as a customer due to the lack of user friendliness of their web site in setting up auto pay and especially in the unprofessional handling from their accounts receivable department both in incorrectly charging my account and rudeness of their phone reps.


I remember when At&t was the best service around now all you get are reps who don't know what they are doing and transfer calls when they become too anoid with the situation. One time I was transferred 6 times before I finally got a rep who seemed to know what they were talking about.

Either there is not enough training or so much apathy this company has just lost it's "touch".

I say now that the economy is so bad with so many people needing work, clear out your bad people and hire ones that will really represent you in a good way and do a good job. To *** with all of this noncustomer service attitude.


What a Freaky day with at&t!!! It started with My TV going off that was at 9:30am,so I called to CS,she said let me call U back ,never did.So I Proceed to call ATT again,this time it was a MAN,he let me hold on a minute,He hung the telephone in my FREAKING FACE!!!!,at that I was angry,SO I asked for a Supervisor,and "SR"came on the phone,NOW 5 hours has pass still no service!!!!SO he says "I can do and that,So what!!!

the employees has made me wait 5-6 hrs.for nothing,I hope this letter goes to Management,President of the Company or Someone higher than a Suprvisor or CS.What!!!! are we not important enough?,or Smart enough?? We are paying Customers,and should be treated better than this.I read all the comments that were posted!!!! SHAME!!!!

on ATT&T I GUESS WE ARE JUST ACCOUNT NUMBER!!! :sigh :sigh My friends will know about this,every last one of them,nation wide!!!!!!!


I hate AT&T wireless. They are *** artist and they lie.

You don't mean *** to them when you have a contract and they suspend your wireless service for a past due amount of $10 and your only a couple days late you still have to pay so what do they care.

Their customer service agents are so rude and never ever answer any of my questions I ask about my bill almost seems like they are hiding something. I will not renew my contract with AT&T!!


Att custOmer service call me today 3/19/2010

told me there system issued and want to re-setup my dsl again....

This is funny system issued...

I place an order with charter with 8 meg and cost me 29.99 per month and they sent someone out next day.....wow....

Cost less than AT&T and much faster & my internet up & I happy

AT&T is suck...........


Someone from AT&T just call today 03/18/2010 2:30pm and give me the case # and told me someone from AT&T will call me within one or two business days. Let see what AT&T will do on this case..

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