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To put a very very long story in a nut she'll cause I don't have the time to write a book and ironically I'm on hold AGAIN from att, this time so far its been 1 hour and 14 mins. I have tried to get our service changed from our old address to our new address, not only did they terminate our service 5 days early ( my business line btw, so I lost potential work) now they have promised 4 different occasions to come out to our new house and hook up... Read more

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So frustrated!!! Have spent over 3 hours on phone with customer service in two days. Trying to update plans. Called first day and arranged. Second day called back to make a minor change and no prices that we agree to day before were noted. Started over from scratch. Then, was disconnected and had to start all over. Nobody called me back. Why bother taking a contact number if you are not going to call back. Was told by a rep that they do not have... Read more

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Worst company ever. Had ATT & T over 20 years. U-verse 10 years. Have to reboot receiver at least twice a week. Service tech has no clue so he gave me a wireless receiver which I get to pay an extra $10.00 per month. Gee thanks Wally. Like all providers they lure you in with attractive offers. Once they set the hook they no longer care about you. Time to renew services best sharpen your negotiation skills. If not good at negotiating than expect... Read more

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*** AT&T and their *** *** restoral fee that costs the price of a fill up and lunch for the next two *** weeks. That *** is going to drive me up a *** wall of no return if this *** keeps happening. Stop *** charging for that *** if it's on it's on, if it's off it's off, *** off and stop acting like activating internet is like building a new oil rig off the *** Gulf Coast. You're *** taking advantage of your customers knowing we *** need this ***... Read more

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I was a Verizon Wireless customer for years (15+) and decided since they don't have unlimited data to switch. I have three teenagers and they were pushing my Data each month. It was all good when you get a new phone at no cost to switch. Unfortunately, This is not what happened. When I called the first time I spoke with a pleasant young lady who I explained I have 6 numbers that I wanted to bring over to Att. Without hesitation she was... Read more

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I am so sick of continually getting overcharged each month. I then have to call and am told I'll get a credit to my bill and then it happens all over again the next month. I'm either switching to mailing checks in the old fashion way or finding a new company. I hear great things about Cox.

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AT&T Internet and phone service working sporadically. I lost reliable service since the middle of December 2016. After 5 different technicians were sent to my house they all had the same conclusion i.e., wires on the outside of the house needed to be changed. All techs said they would put in a work order that never materialized. Got a hold of a support supervisor who promised he would resolve my problems. The supervisor would do a follow up, he... Read more

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Installed Directv, phone, internet with AT&T 4 weeks ago. TV and phone are excellent. 1 week after installation internet slowed to a crawl. I have spent 5 hours on the phone with AT&T support, had 7 phone calls from their "Premium Care" and had four different individuals and teams to my house. No one can fix the problem. I will have normal internet service for perhaps 1 hr/day. The rest of the time it is basically unusable, taking 1-2 minutes to... Read more

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How in the *** does at&t stay in business?? Years with their *** and now I have had it! Absolutely the worst ever live person customer service (if you have the patience to wait for one to answer). Many of them are not understandable! If you get cut off they wil NEVER call you back you have to call and get back in *** and begin at ground zero. Had one the other day who promised to call me back in ten minutes---STILL Waiting. Also, worst web site... Read more

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So I have a line of 4 phones and been with AT&T for over 11 years since the Razor phone came out. Recently I changed to the "unlimited" data plan where you get 4G service until you go over the 30 they give you and then it drops down to 2G which is ok but not where I can not use NOT ONE APP on my phone at all and my service plan doesn't start over until the 23rd of Jan so that means I will not be able to use my phone at all for the next 13 days.... Read more

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