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I've been a pretty faithful consumer of AT&T for some time. Until I found out that my Smart phone that was stolen in July 2012 was never shut down and my phones information was compromised the day after I called in to have the phone shut down.

Well they turned off the account but allowed the HTC phone to be taken over by the thief and all my personal information with it. Going through a divorce starting school over in SF CA. I let the luxery of a cell phone go until I found out that my 15 year old laptop was dying so I purchased a new laptop to keep my school work in order. Only to find out that My old laptop wasnt the issue.

And what I thought was a hard drive going bad or viris turned out to be my Landlords Brother, nephew and their friends that also boardered at this large flat had hacked my computer. and in two days, compromised my new laptop in two days. Sting ignorant to the fact that I was being hacked I thought it was that work virus everyone talks about. the second upgraded new laptop that i purchased showed me what was really going on.

I was hacked. And in 5days and four months later of being locked out of using the internet and phone, having all my files wiped from my laptop and hard drive. I lost it emotionally. I couldn't understand why I was being hacked and bullied.

And the stress of the whole ordeal made it unbearable to get through my courses. I kept losing my homework on my computer and what I could piece together the emails of my finished work were not received very well from my instructors. So Having no luck with wifi and still not comprehending what was actually going on. I purchase a T-Mobile phone.

that lasted 2hours. couple of weeks later I promotional phone from ATT HTCone-x top of the line phone was offered with a contract. two months now and at least 80 resets of this phone. I figured out that my Roommates were to blame.

That in itself was pretty upsetting. still giving everyone in the house the benefit of the doubt came to pass when I noticed that my phone cleaned up its act when i was away from the house. and the Ip address of the free wifi began to show up. I called multiple times to AT&T and the answer was there was nothing they could do about it.

Please pay your bill or be sent to collections. Up until finally what I thought would be a breakthrough in getting assistance. when 1300 gigabytes from my 5 gigabyte plan was stolen by these hacks. And at that point the AT&T fraud department was brought into action!But not for me only for the lost data that was stolen from AT&T.

That's right they saw me as a liability and would not include me in their investigation and pretty much just left me with my problem even though AT&T supervisor took the initiative to call the phone number of the hacker to see if in fact they were being hacked not me. Giving fair warning to his own blood that AT&T or me wanted to file a complaint. I'm the one that called got no support from this manager. but went right into action when the person on the other line sounded like his Mammy.

I was livid. gave him the once over and asked for a case management number and his name and he hung up on me without saying a ghetto word. It has been over two months with no resolution to my hacking problem. I've been miss lead so many times by the representatives to the point that I was told that My Ex Husbands Ipad was added to my account without my knowledge and there was nothing that AT&T could do about it.

And would I like AT&T to pay for my next bill to ease my upset for AT&T's poor observation to my case. Yesterday I found out that my account was sent to collections as a prepaid account when in fact that my account initially started as a prepay but was changed to a thirty day billing. My bill was never paid by AT&T. And My Ex Husband never attached an I pad to my account.

I've never in my entire life been soo stressed out over the inconsistencies of AT&T's representatives. My Ex Husband was very abusive and for the AT&T repreps to say such faults information to the point of noting my exes 4 other phone accounts for his kids and his brother. even noted the EMEI number to my Ex Husbands Ipad. And then state that there was no Ipad ever added to my account almost floored me.

I'm told that there is nothing that AT&T can do for me but stress the wits out of me and flat out ill-support me their customer! I finally got my email account open so that I could see what was going on with my account. But when I placed my pass word to my account at the website. I was instructed to use the website to regain my pass-code.

Only to be warned by that There is a no need to us a pass code and that the account that ATT.Com sent me could be a trick to gain access to my phone log!? I've closed my email account with I've replaced the Hackers phone number that somehow showed up on my billing statment for my cell phone number and told AT&T to bill the Hacker for any further use of the downloading, streaming, uses of phone for long distance, texting, tweeting, facebooking and stealing all the comps of music and books that originally came with my HTConeX phone. This is HTC's top of the line phone which I am told by HTCreps.

that It's a flawless phone impossible for anyone to compromise. A $500.oo phone that I'm using only for we browsing when the Hackers are generous to allow me to use it in-between their downloading, streaming, and making international calls with the portion of the HTConeX phone that I'm locked out of using... Im having to use a crappy Samsung Flip phone seperately from the HTConeX smart phone.

at 130.00bucks a month! OH and HTC manufacturing hasnt really helped either!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Cell Phone Upgrade.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Phone lock/wipe is handled separately by Google via software. ATT has no part of it. They can only deactivate the SIM card so it can't make calls anymore.

You must think ATT has some magic button they press to wipe phones remotely lols.


you lost your phone?? boohoo.

YOUR FAULT. not a fan of att. BUT safe to say, no wireless carrier can just magically FIND your device. UNLESS the cops find it, OR you find it, OR a locator on your phone allows you to find it...

hmmm... and why would u have such personal, sensitive information on your phone to begin with?? you sound pretty intelligent.

u should know the kind of technology in this present day will allow ANYONE to get into ANYTHING, no matter HOW secure you think it is. best of luck.

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