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My issue with this company stems back to about three years in the making.I told the Corporate folks of my dissatisfaction, they informed me that what I had (which sucked major wee) I bluntly questioned their integrity, held them accountable for all of the deceptive practicesthe company knowingly partook in.

The very bad trained staff, from teir1 all the way up to corporate.I gave them my opinion of what the repercussions would be if they didn't try and be more customer oriented

Not sure if yall know, but they are lieable for a hefty fine per whatThey're rotten business practices andprocedures. In a nut shell, jipping the *** out of loyal customers. I did try and forewarn them at the top ,of the executive

I have spoken with so many unprofessional, At&t customer denied thier fair rights employees, I can almost put my phone on auto-reply, already knowing what their responses going to be to any consumer resolution.(zero to none) as far as making sure that they honestly resolved, the problem.

I have had ghetto folks that had more intergrity, and common decency then the100s of horribly trained,non resolutions specialest, At&t has on staff. When you guys do call me. Myron D Johnson,be ready to focus on what can help with my resolve, not the scripted company, so called policys and procedures. Really? If this company was about integrity, and lawfully honest practices, why would yall have to pay such a hugh sum(125mill or something)Just cause, great customer service, or anything remotely related to customer satisfaction is cause for this" big shellout"Unlawful, unprofessional, none caring about the consumers welfare as it relates to business with your company.

This I will say again, you can't treat people wrong, no matter how big your bank account is, or how pretty your wife or husband looks or if you got the biggest Mansion in your neck of the woods,

That's not worth a turkey getting fattened up for someones dinner table this holiday season.

This isn't the 70z, consumers are well versed on their wants and needs now-@dayz. We call a duck, duck! And a cat, ***! I just trying to reinform the already, all mighty Executives at At&t Corporate.

Apparently, those suggestions fell upon deaf ears! Not to point any fingers or nothin, but I promise corporate can pull up old correspondence and see where I mentioned,

And to the *** corporate executives, whom told me to basically, deal with whatever *** they handed me, Who's looking crazy now? Another word to the presumably wise(title wise anyhow)

Never let your position, money earned, or any worthless attitudes, cause you to down talk and try and power trip with us the consumers.(I said this before, noone listened) I wanted my fair compensation for so much bull, I am now having to take aniexty meds and talk with a shrink.

Try and say your company's not a contributing factor if you must.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: I want to be compensated no less than 6500.00 and 5years of the top of the line services no charge..

ATT Cons: All company interactions sucked.

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Myron D Johnson, perhaps when you can spell correctly and string together a proper sentence a corporate executive might take you seriously.

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