Hendersonville, Tennessee

Trying to get service moved to new location. An agent set up an appointment for me for 10/22/2011, with sertain things to be done.

Later that day an agent called to tell me that the 10/22/2011 date was not available andhad moved it to 11/18/2011. I told him i had medical problems and could not do without a phone until the 10/25/2011 date they then changed it to. I got a supervisor on the line and that even made it worse. What is wrong with these people.

Someone please help me. Please help me before 10/21/2011 so i can get this done on 10/22/2011.

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how can you be mad at the agent. we are only doing what we are told to do.

so how about be mad at the company you who say we are mean need to get over yourself and your problems we have lifes to and we have problems in our waking lifes as well. we are not computerized! we listen to ppls problems and have random ppl yell at US for things they did not do right all day long and we are the ones that have to be nice to you as much as we can. you ppl call in because your bill is high.

knowing darn well you are the reason for it. you dont look at your customer service summary to see what you have. you just use your phone until the month is up then get shocked at how you overaged or you will call in complaining about mobile purchases. knowin darn well you have kids who get online or who are bold enough to call in on your behalf verify your account and get things.

so get over yourself and start paying attention to your bills and your kids. or go to another company stop being about all this talk and just do it like nike!

since the othe companies are "so" much better. smh.


:upset AT&T customer service is the pits!! Never have I encountered such arrogance and ignorance


I don't believe for one minute these people from AT&T are really going to help us out. They are just SAVING FACE for the companies name sake!


Hi-I am sorry to hear your frustration with this. I would be happy to assist.

Please email the details directly to attcatherinew@att.com and reference your name and this post in the subject line. Please include the best form of contact also.

Thanks. CatherineW (Customer Care Manager)

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