ATT Phone Numbers and Emails

Toll-Free Number:

  • (888) 333-6651

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Customer Service:

  • (800) 901-9878
    ATandT Prepaid
  • (408) 962-1025
    ATandT Prepaid: Support for Travel Abroad
  • (800) 651-1111
    ATandT TV Help: Disability Resources (Voice)
  • (866) 435-3264
    Dial-Up: Billing and Payments
  • (855) 288-2727
    Digital Life: Monitoring, Bill and Account
  • (800) 288-2020
    DIRECTV®, U-verse® TV, DSL, Dial-up, Internet, Digital Phone
  • (866) 975-0050
    Prepaid Wireless Home Phone
  • (800) 331-0500
    Wireless Home Phone and Internet
  • (877) 782-8870
    Wireless: Check Order Status
  • (314) 925-6925
    Wireless: Support for Travel Abroad


  • (866) 241-6567
    Customer With Disabilities (TTY)
  • (866) 241-6568
    Customer With Disabilities (Voice)
  • (800) 772-3140
    Disability and Aging Center

Accounting/ Billing:

  • (800) 999-5445
    Enterprise Billing, Payments, New Service and Upgrades

Discounts/ Rewards/ Cashback:

  • (800) 288-9983
    Rewards Center

Investors/ Franchising:

  • (210) 821-4105

Sales/ Reservations:

  • (877) 990-0041
    Fixed Wireless Internet Service (English)
  • (877) 990-0046
    Fixed Wireless Internet Service (Spanish)
  • (866) 861-6075
    U-Verse High Speed Internet
  • (844) 827-7057
    U-Verse TV

Technical Support:

  • (866) 294-3464
    Connectech Paid

ATT Emails:

Customer Service
Smart Home Manager
Investors/ Franchising
Institutional Investors
Privacy Inquiries, Privacy Inquiries
Copyright Infringement Inquiries
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ATT Customer Service Overview

The aggregated data is based on calls made from website and questionnaires provided by users.

  • ATT Customer Service is rated at 1.3 out of 5. Consumers who contact the company are mostly dissatisfied. More commonly used way of contact is by phone.

    Source Distribution
    99% phone 1% email
  • The best phone number to call ATT is 8883336651. 55% of consumers used this number to address their issues and concerns.

  • The average hold time is from 3 to 5 minutes. The longest wait times are on Monday, while the shortest are on Sunday. The average call time is 8 minutes.

  • Be prepared for the call as ATT may ask you for the following information to identify you as a customer: first and last name, phone number or email.

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How to Contact AT&T Customer Service?

Most Popular Number:

(888) 333-6651
Total calls: 4 451 Issues resolved: 123 Last call: Jun 14, 2024

You can call AT&T customer service through the phone numbers provided on their support page. There are different ATT customer service phone numbers for various product and service categories.

AT&T Support Phone Numbers:
Wireless AT&T support: 800-331-0500 or 611 from a mobile device.
Bill, account & tech support: 800-288-2020.
AT&T customer service phone number for new service: 866-861-6075.

Live chat is one of the easiest ways to contact AT&T customer support. You can access the ATT customer service chat service easily by clicking on the live chat icon near the bottom of the page, on the right-hand side.

According to, the forum serves as a 24/7 online social site where community members can engage and interact with each other.

It is designed to enable customers to find answers to questions about various ATT products, services, and processes. Forum participants can ask and respond to each other questions. They can also get tech support and share tips and tricks. Aside from discussions, some consumers also post their ATT complaints on the forum.

Note that there is no way to contact ATT customer support on the forum.

If you don’t get assistance through the other ATT customer service channel, consider reading answers to questions similar to yours by other customers.

The best way to reach out to ATT support on social media is to start direct messaging them on Twitter or Facebook.

On Facebook, consumers often leave their questions and complaints as a comment on the most recent post. The AT&T customer service responds by asking them to reach through direct messaging.

The company has two Twitter pages – a corporate page (@ATT) and a page dedicated to customer support (@ATTHelp). Although customers contact ATT through both pages, they recommend reaching out on the help page for customer support.

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Contact Information

ATT Website:

ATT Help Center:

Corporate Office Address:

AT and T Inc.
208 S. Akard St., Ste 110
Dallas, Texas 75202
United States

Other Info (opening hours):


Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 7:00pm

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ATT Customer Service Reviews

1.3 / 5
rick v Arl
To talk with a representative
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

paid off all balances with ATT but new server could not activate because ATT had a lock on the phone.
A full week with no phone and being told the code will be available in 24 hrs day after day
Having to drive to the local ATT store everyday to use THEIR phone to call for assistance, with no real help or concern to get my phone unlocked.
I even had my worst fear come true; a medical emergency and NO phone to call my Dr.
I had to go knocking on doors Sun. to find a neighbor at home to make a call!
My Dr.

sent me to the emergency room!
ATT should be ashamed! Disgraceful!
I finally gave up and spent money I don't have to buy an unlocked phone @ best buy
I never had a problem with ATT; but had to switch to another carrier strictly for economic reasons, after this experience I'm glad to be done with them!!

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Kyli Pui
Alerting prospective and current customers of AT&T’s inadequate services
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Weve been with AT&T for 20+ years. If you think that would hold some weight when inquiring about a refund for the very first time, youd be wrong.

There was an unfamiliar line I noticed on my bill. After asking the other 3 people on the plan, they didnt recognize it either. We realized we had been paying for this line for over a year and 1/2! Zero data, zero usage, didnt have the device, never ordered the line.
Now, if youre thinking How could you possibly pay for a line for that long without noticing ?

Well, Ill tell you. We alternate who pays the bill, and have various iPads, iPhones, watches, kindles, each requiring a line of service. Each person that saw this unfamiliar line figured it belonged to the other.
I called AT&T immediately upon realizing we never ordered this line, I thought theyd be apologetic and refund the many months we paid $40 (totaling over $1,000). After dealing with them for 2 weeks, I have to laugh at my own naivety.
Yes, I understand the fine print, and signing without reading it.

However, on the receipt I signed at the physical store, this line was not on there. Long story long, after many chats and phone calls with customer service, I was offered 6 months refund. I argued it should be more like 12. They transferred me and transferred me and 2 weeks later, nobody could find this offer made over chat.

Ah.. but I had screen shots!
Unfortunately, (I now hate that word, as it was used at the beginning of every other sentence when dealing with these crooks) they couldnt accept my screen shots with their system setup (they are a telecommunication conglomerate, correct?) when all was said and done, getting them to cancel the line was a chore.
Here's my main point: AT&T alerts you when your bill is almost due, due, overdue, when your data is overused, and whenever else they want to inform you about your account. Why, then, would they not alert a customer whose usage was at 0, remained at 0, for 18 months? They dont even try to humor us customers, they just steal (thats right, steal.

It was a problem on their end from the start. To take money from unsuspecting customers, month after month without authorization to do so, is stealing) our money and line their pockets.
Youd think they could at least provide decent service. If you agree, youd be wrong, yet again. Weve had more service issues than we care to remember.

This is beyond frustrating. I work too hard to just give my money to a giant corporation like AT&T.

I know were not alone in this. If anyone is interested in filing a class action with us, respond to this ASAP, as it will be in the works shortly.

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Valerie W Lsh
Taking advantage of the elderly lies
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Poor customer service trying to cheat me wouldnt allow me to speak with supervisor rude nasty dont buy a phone from their company even if you have ATT service do not do business with this company

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Opened account we didn’t ask for!
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

I came into the store to get an estimate for a new line. The associate Jessica proceeded to get our information and actually opened a new account that we DID NOT ask for.

When we got the estimate we told her that we would think about it. She did not say that she had opened a new account and turned off the service on the phone! SAID NOTHING. We went to T-Mobile got a LOWER estimate and started to transfer the phone and couldnt because ATT opened an account.

We went back to ATT spoke to the manager Kim to reopen the account. She reopened the account but ATT couldnt give us a transfer pin because we had to wait 24 hours per Kim. WRONG information we had to wait 48 hours. Went back 48 hours and still the system would not allow us to get a transfer pin!

We have to wait ANOTHER 48 hours 4 days now!!! So T-Mobile showing great customer service is holding an old phone that should have been turned in for 4 days. Tomorrow 2/22 is 4 days. ATT store 11939 Lake June Balch Springs, TX.

Kim the manager bad service Jessica associate worse customer service.

Please train your associates!! Already filed a complaint waiting to escalate.

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How Good is ATT's Customer Service?

Sheldon Rqq
Sheldon Rqq
Feels Disappointed | May 29, 2024

What experience have'nt spoken to anyone even they sent a text about a new plan
Rang the number from the text guest what yes you are right

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Beau J Ulu
Beau J Ulu
Feels Disappointed | Apr 12, 2024

They would not return my money

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Arantza Axs
Arantza Axs
Feels Disappointed | Apr 01, 2024

I have called all weekend and no one answered. I was placed on hold and no one came to the phone, I was on hold for at least a half hour to an hour multiple times. I have been trying to make a payment on my account and was never able to get through

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Patti Qqm
Patti Qqm
Feels Disappointed | Jan 12, 2024

I never got to speak to a customer service representative to file my complaint.

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Caley Hqh
Caley Hqh
Feels Disappointed | Oct 22, 2023

I’m glad the issue was resolved!

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Raela Eoo
Raela Eoo
Feels Disappointed | Aug 08, 2023

This is the second time I had to resolve this billing issue. Hopefully, it worked this time. Otherwise, they where helping me in a friendly manner!

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Summary of ATT Customer Service Calls

07:10 AVG CALL

Top Reasons of Customers Calls

Consumers Call the Most From

Why Do People Call ATT?

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “My phone bill”
  • “Pay bill with att pre pay card”
  • “Payment”

Product/ Service Question:

  • “Disconnected during important call”
  • “Phone doesn't work”
  • “Email not working”

Staff Question:

  • “Cause you are useless Ihave been in canada for3.5 weeks and dont know my number I tried calling your customer service and guest what non of them work”
  • “Service issues”
  • “On hold waiting for a manager”

Account Question:

  • “Blocked phones”
  • “Unable to login to my email”
  • “Can't get into my voicemail the”

Request for Information Question:

  • “Tech support”
  • “About a return and bill”
  • “See how much my bill is”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “Activate new phone”
  • “Unable activate Touch ID my phone”
  • “Reactivation of my ACP life line”

Cards Question:

  • “Unlock SIM card”
  • “Redeeming a phone card ti activate phone”
  • “Change of credit card”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “Returned used phone for a credit”
  • “Return my credit to my accunt”
  • “Hello I want to change my number from the one I had on straight talk”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “Haven't received iPhones ordered before Christmas and kids didn't get Christmas gifts because we were lied to and told they would be here before Christmas”
  • “Did not have landline installed. Also have not received gift card”
  • “My claim has not been taken care of and I have not received any further information on my claim for a accident due to down telecommunications power line”

Refund Question:

  • “I need a refund”
  • “My refund”
  • “Refund and cancel”

Employment Question:

  • “I need to pay off my phone and get it unlocked”
  • “My 401k employee payout”
  • “Need to pay off a phone”

Website/ Application Question:

  • “App problem”
  • “Port out new number from the website to at&t”
  • “Text/data is not available when looking at wireless usage on ATT site”

Other Question:

  • “My sim is locked need puk code”
  • “I need an extension”
  • “Purchase Samsung phone”


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AT&T Inc is a large telecommunication company. It was founded by Alexander Graham Bell in October 1885. The company headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas, United States. AT&T serves individuals and businesses in North and South Americas. The company offers the following products: satellite television, fixed line telephone, digital television, and home security systems. AT&T is a large provider of mobile telephone services. It also offers broadband subscription television services through DirecTV. It is traded on NYSE under the ticker symbol T. Bills can be paid online using most major credit cards. Customers can schedule an appointment at the company local stores and get a consultation. AT&T has subsidiaries worldwide.

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ATT is ranked 506 out of 2067 in Telecommunications category

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USA, Worldwide

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