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As a former AT&T employee, I can identify with those of you with customer svc issues. Not to be outdone I was getting no where fast with my issues but was persistant in talking to anyone except cus svc...There is now a Customer Service Advocate Group who will make sure your issue is resolved.

Their number is 336-650 0274...... (issues with home phone, internet,uverse, cellular svc).

Employees are clueless, blindly transferred calls mostly to wrong work groups which further irates you & escalates the trouble at hand. Simply put AT&T reps don't listen!!!...So all knowing but know nothing....

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400 AT&T DSL customers in Rome Ga were without Internet for 11 days and the only people we could talk to was in India. I dropped my home phone from ATT and one more *** time my inter net goes down then att can take their Internet and go to *** with it, I am sick of their ***


Well said........ Thank you for sharing.

However their SVC people are well trained in making excuses :-)

I spent 1 hour and 10 minutes talking to "Customer SVC" to get a refund on charges for home internet service....... After they turned off my service because i hadn't signed the Auto pay form authorizing them to charge my credit card.

A month after they turned service off and I called and told them I wasn't interested in having AT&T Intenet. They magically charge my credit card $147.

The following month I get another note they are turning my service off. THEY NEVER TURNED IT BACK ON!


I dealt with the customer advocacy group, too. They didn't return my calls.

I tried more, and same thing.

I then left tonally less than ideal VMs, and same thing. Zero follow-through....

Sam Schaperow, M.S.



Just moved to a rural area in SC and have NO cell service at my house. ATT refuses to release me from my contract (it has just under 1 year remaining).

If I cancel it doesn't take effect until the end of the current month billing cycle (more than 2 weeks away), so I am in essence paying for a service I'm not receiving and I also have to pay a cancellation fee of over $200 again FOR A SERVICE I'N NOT RECEIVING! What's wrong with this picture? They dropped the ball NOT ME and I have to pay for their inability to provide said cell service? what happens in case of an emergency?

I'm having a heart attack and need to call 911.....wait, I have to get in my car and drive to an area that has ATT service. I can see the headlines now: "woman found dead in car from heart attack trying to call 911, but she didn't have any service bars showing on her phone." Or how about: "wait burglar, I need to go drive to a service area so that I can call the police to come stop you". Or "pardon me, hold that thought, can I borrow your phone to call the authorities so they can come arrest you"?

REALLY????? What a poor excuse for a company that supposedly prides themselves on customer service.....wait, that's right, they don't care, they just want your money.


So my husband and I have been trying to get at&t internet and cable to no avail now do not get me wrong we are in the provided service area I have called soo many times! We had internet in Nashville and when we moved to florida I tried to get the internet switched over and get cable.

The 1st time I called a I got hung up on and my phone call was never returned so I called again and spoke with a lady who set us up with the cable and transferred me to a guy who was supposed help get the internet. He answered the phone told me he would call me back in 10 minutes and never called back. So I called again only to find out the lady scheduled the cable to go to our old address so I had to speak with someone else and they set our appt for 20 days ago later but I am excited finally we have an appt well the day before our appt I get an email saying they can not make it. So I call again and they tell me that in 30 days they can call us to schedule an appt to come out at this point we gave had no cabke or internet for a month.

So we got temp cable and internet well we went to the at&t store by our house about a month ago to buy the s4 active and while we were there I asked if we could get the internet and cable in which they told us we are in the coverage area and set us a new appt gor like 15 days later well our sppt day no one called no one showed up so I called the store and the manager told me he would call and find out what happened. Never got the call back so I called again got told he would call me back NOTHING.

Meanwhile when we 1st moved in we suggested to the neighbors to get at&t internet and the guy showed up like 6 days later and connected their's My husband and I really want at&t I do not think I have ever tried harder to get internet or cable I do not know what to do if someone can give some advice or a phone number so I can deal with the right people its been 4 months now. Anyway here is my email to contact me ironbass66@yahoo.com


This 'consumer advocacy group' is a cruel joke. If your problem isn't going to be solved, they shuttle you here so you will at least think you have someone on your side.

I have cycled thru it 3 times so far. They putz around and try a few things then quit contacting you.

You then call again and they try the same stuff, and they stop ccontact again. So you call again...

Gee, but I sure feel better thinking someone was on my side!


:( I was just informed that my $19.95 12 mth offer has expired and now I am stuck with still the slow DSL line and now it will cost $43.00. How can such a large company control all of us....we need to rebel....this is outrageous...remember when it used to cost 8 cents a minute or more to make a long distance phone call .....WTF this sucks and so does AT&T and what service, they have none


The 1st REAL phone number, I've seen in a post, since I found this site this morning. Too much happening today to stop and dial it right now, but, I'm SO happy to finally see that someone here might actually have some REAL contact info to share.

I can't wait to see what else is here to help in resolving MY AT&T NIGHTMARE! Thanks, Former Employee!

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