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In early Jan/17 I called AT&T to have the bill transferred from my deceased husband"s name to my name. At the same time asked how to have my bill reduced i was paying $220 mnth.

Rep told me you can have a bundle for $79.99 a month. I asked if it was the same service and was assured it was and i that I would probably have more TV channels. So I agreed. DId not understand why the service at the house had to be disconnected and reinstalled when I asked I was told it was their policy.

Installation was scheduled for Jan 10/17 btwn 1 - 4 . I was travelling so a house sitter was there waiting AT&T was a no show. She called & rescheduled for a week later.. Service was installed but it was direct TV ( I was out of the country for 2 mths so did not know until I returned early March and saw the mess) ....holes drilled in my walls..

wire strung on top of my dresser... dish on the roof . Not once did AT&T tell me it was direct TV. Any way it gets worse...

AT&T installed service at my house in the house sitters name! I called to complain and change the bill into my name... after multiple calls and what felt like hours on the phone At&T said it was done, I couldnt deal with the hassle so I decided to keep the service. The other day april 10th I received a past due notice for $79 99 I called and said i never received a bill & was told not to worry they would send me a paper bill & payment would be due APR 29/17 ....

April 10th tv was disconnected. I called again and was shifted from 1 dept to another told I did not have an account so they could not give me any info as it was in another name & that person had to call them to sort it out... The following day I called to cancel all services with AT&T. only able to cancel internet & phone as the billing name was only changed for internet & phone...

to top it off paper bills were delivered to my house from AT&T / DirectTV in 3 different names, my name, my dead husband"s and the house sitter's all for differing amounts Also informed of fees for early termination which was never discussed with me ....$450 for TV $100 or $150 for internet .... Im so angry and frustrated with their lies and atrociously ineffective customer service.

(sickeningly polite) feel better for getting this out it's been a complete cluster f... from day 1 I will never use AT&T again and will encourage everyone I know and those I don't to do the same

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Bundle.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Woodway, Texas, United States #1315049

same problem of promises not honored. Difficult to get a person to give an answer. Keep getting switched to different departments and finally end up

getting hunged up on.


There are so many things wrong with this "claim" that I don't know where to start. So I won't waste my time.

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