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I have an ATT U-Verse combined billing account; which includes land line service. I have been a customer with ATT and/or SBC for many years.

I was lead to believe that I needed a land line to maintain my internet and/or tv service. For years I would call customer service stating that I am calling to save money and that I never use my land line service. On 08/10/2012 I called as I always do stating that I am calling to save money stating that I don't use my land line. Finally a representative told me that I did not need it to maintain other services.

Wow! was I elated, and upset at the same time. I was also told by this representative that I had no need for this service for years. He did state that there was an initial need for the service but that once I voice my concerns about the land line that I should have been informed that there was no need for it.

While I appreciate the conscienciousness of this representative, I am very upset to know that I could have saved $30 a month over an undetermined amount of years beyond 3yrs. ATT told me that they are very sorry for the inconvenience and initially offer me $30 credit for the previous month. I complained a little more and the offered me $49. I told them that while I would accept this initial offer of accountability, that this is a fraction of accountability.

is this offer a claim of responsibility? It would seem that if I have been a customer for more than 10yrs that they would be more considerate; especially since crediting me the full amount over the years would only mean a drop in the billion dollar bucket of ATT profits. But I am just a customer who can cancel my service and move on and possibly get treated this way by someone else and ATT would not break a sweat, miss a beat, etc. Unless there are more of me out there.

I don't know how to take this further but it would be nice to know that there is a leagal mind out there reading some of these complaints.

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File a complaint with the FCC, FTC, CPUC, PUC & The Department of Justice/Attorney General's Office. You can also view my post on this site called "Held Hostage" AT&T Uverse DSL & the clip on You Tube link http://youtu.be/Svi3qeyqFgw

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