Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania
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After at least 3 hrs of custumer representative nonsense, $500 for 2 months worth of overages, and many many missteps (too many to even talk about) I finally had all of the information and account payments necessary to terminate the contract. I requested that with the final payment they unlock my device immediately so that I could go with TMobile (far cheaper). ATT stated they were not able to unlock the phone. I was told they would "submit a ticket and get back to me in a week." I refused to get off the line until they would unlock the phone. A phone that I paid for. They are effectively holding me hostage after I terminated 12 +years of using ATT as a cell provider. I was told that the department that has the power to unlock a phone has no direct line and that noone is able to speak directly to them. The long and short is even after I brought the account to $0.00, ATT verified that I am in fact the owner of the device, and I in no uncertain terms requested ATT unlock my phone they refused. And to add insult refused to let me speak to anyone who is able to help. Now I have no phone service and a $400 dollar phone that is useless until ATT allows me to finally be rid of them.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I am currently going through this same problem. I feel your pain.

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