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On August 20th, I called AT&T to add DSL to my services from them. I hadn't heard all the nightmarish goings on with this company until after I committed. I spoke to a woman named Melba, who was chipper, and friendly. She spoke so fast, it was honestly hard to tell if she was talking to herself, or to me.

By the end of the phone call, I was so confused I almost told her to forget it. From the onset, I was told that I could order their Elite Internet for the promotional price of $19.95, and that I wouldn't have to pay for the Modem right away. Then, she told me that the computer was asking that I pay for the modem, and that she would give me a $25.00 credit for the inconvenience. Okay, fine...I told her I'd pay for the modem. Then I'm told about a $100.00 Visa Gift Card promo they're offering for signing up for their Elite Internet, which I could apply to my modem, and set up fees. Lovely, I told her to do it. By the end of the call, she told me that my credit card wouldn't be charged, and that my equipment was set to arrive on August 24th, and my Internet Services would not begin until after I set up the equipment with their tech department.

I made no plans for the 24th, as I wanted to make certain I was home to receive my equipment. It never came. I thought, maybe it's the shipping company. I gave it a couple days and finally called AT&T again.

This time I spoke to Janet, who challenged everything Melba told me as being incorrect. In addition, there was no evidence of a $25.00 credit for my 'inconvenience'. Apparently, the equipment had never been ordered, and I wasn't allowed to use the Visa Gift Card to pay for any of AT&T's products. Really now, that isn't what I was told initially.

So, by the end of my call with Janet, I had learned that the internet service I ordered had indeed started from the day I ordered it. They were charging me for something I couldn't feasibly use! So, Janet told me she'd give me a credit. I obtained a modem of my own, and set it up with the AT&T tech department.

Later on in the week, I get a letter from AT&T stating that my monthly internet fee would be $40.00. Say what?!?! I ordered it under a promotion, and was expecting to pay only $19.95 locked in for the next 12 months. So I called AT&T again, and was told it was a preprinted letter that gets sent out to all new AT&T internet customers, and that I would only be charged the $19.95 per month. Okay, no sweat.

So I check on my bill, online, and it comes to $63 and change, as if I wasn't getting the promo at all! I've been trying to call AT&T since Saturday, after checking my online bill status, and the office continues to be closed. I'm convinced this company is run by 5 year olds playing with their little plastic phone toys.

Now, the thing that disgusts me most of all, is with AT&T's rep, how are they able to get away with lying, manipulating, back stabbing, and so many unscrupulous business practices?! I'm dumbfounded. Now that I'm having problems with AT&T, suddenly people are starting to talk about their own nightmarish encounters with this company. Well, what the hex and I supposed to do now?

I'm afraid that, if I continue working with this devious company, that I will be on the phone with them twice a month just to get them to act right!! Is it worth the headache, hex no! I will not be doing business with this company, and I will definitely be contacting the Better Business Bureau, even on up to the Attorney General if I have to! Someone has got to hold this company's feet to the fire, before it gets out of hand. In this economy, who can afford to be preyed on any more then we already are?!

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Exact same story almost. Exact same feeling.

Contacted the BBB and after numerous hours on the phone, got my money back. But was reminded politely (!) that they cannot compensate me for my inconveniences...frustrations ....and disappointments...etc..note that...I had to go without internet/tv stuck at home due to heavy snow with a 3 month old...for seven days...wasn't able to telework because of their stupidity...long long...story of suffering..and pain.


Another thing I forgot to mention in my complaint is this; AT&T insists that all their new Internet Customers be enrolled in their 'Easy Charge' program, yet disavow any responsibility for problems arising as a result of using this service. However, if you choose not to use the service, they'll turn off your service.

After the wrong bill I received, I'm sorry, but I can't trust AT&T one bit to be careful to bill me correctly, and then to let them into my debit account?!?! Are they insane?!

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