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Been dealing with Direct TV now for 6 months . Have to call at least 1 to 3 times a month .

Could call more . Just spent another 2 plus hours with them . Issue is the 4 K box from Direct TV I am told has software issues . Really 6 months and not corrected ?

The TV screen goes black at times , have lost sound several times, at least 3 or more times a day video freezes for 30 seconds or more. Took me a few hours to figure anytime this happens in plug power cord and back it and gets postures or sound back. I have called once to twice a month complaning to Direct TV . After an hour each time they say it’s a software issue and would do no good to replace the 4 k mini .

Totally frustrated /mad by now call back . Tell him same issue I told the other several times I called. Go through same ole same ole . Tells me same ole crap they are working on it and with in 72 hours I will receive a call or text .

Never happens . But he said I have to wait until they fix the issue . And they would give me free HBO . Said no I just want fixed .

So asked to transfer to someone else , he sent me to loyalty. Lady was super nice . She had been with direct TV for 7 years and said never heard about 4K boxes software issue . She texted 6 teks and they never heard of it either .

No pissed even more. She ordered me a new 4K box and transfer me to that Dept. That lady was dumber than a box of rocks .

Had to explain my issue all over again , finally after 45 minutes she is supposed to be sending a new box . We will see Moral of story if your getting 4K service Direct TV has issues

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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