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I'm Kaushik, an AT&T customer from the past two months.

I'm very disappointed with AT&T for few reasons and I want to share those with you.

1. When I got the AT&T Family plan, the customer representative assured us that the monthly bill would be 35$ per person(in a 5 member plan). The first month's bill came up to 42$ each and the second month's bill came upto 38$. This was disappointing as I felt misled.

2. I chose AT&T over T-Mobile even though it was more expensive, hoping that the connection would be exceptionally good. But guess what? I don't get more than 1 bar (in my smartphone) when I'm in the kitchen or the bedroom of my house. Another reason to be let down.

3. When I got the AT&T Family plan, the customer representative mentioned to us that after a month or 2, we could add more members to our family plan and make it a 10 member plan, thus essentially reducing the price per line to around 27$. When we went to ask about this recently, the representatives told us that EACH of the NEW MEMBERS would have to make a deposit of 500$. I mean, seriously? 2500$ deposit if we want to add 5 more people? I feel misled.

4. My friend pays 44$ for an AT&T line with all the facilities as us ALONG WITH AN IPHONE on contract. This is just 6$ more than us, and he gets all the facilities along with an Iphone? How did that happen?

I hope you've read through the above points. I'm writing this mail to ask you to allow us to add additional members to our 5-member family plan without the heavy deposit and to give us a good deal on an on-contract iPhone 6s as few of us are planning to go for it. Otherwise, kindly send us the information needed to port from At&t to an alternate carrier (as I am new around here, I don't know how that is done)

Thank you for your time,

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

ATT Cons: How dishonest they are, Run around.

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I had a call plan 50 (50 local calls per month) and DSL internet that was supposed to be billed separately. Call plan 50 was for $20/mo.

& DSL at $15/mo @ 1.5mbs.

The DSL connections were billed as local calls and local calls (about 10 per month) were billed together. I called to inquire about the delivery of both services and was told that both were introductory plans for 6 months and that the fees for both would go up. I had the DSL line dropped.

Yet the fee for the call plan 50 became the same fee as the call plan 50 and DSL after DSL was dropped. I realized that the monthly fees were increasing by $5.00 per month and by the time I had the call plan 50 discontinued, the monthly plan for just 50 calls per month was around $80.00 per month. I terminated the call plan 50 for a month, then called back for a call plan 25 with DSL per month and the fees were back down to $35.00 per month for the first 51/2 months after that. Then I'd discontinue both services for 2 weeks and then have them started back up.

Also, my neighbors who opted for ATT universe, were being charged $85/mo. for six months, then signed up for an additional 6 months after that at $85/mo, only to realize that the wording on their plan would increase their plan by $10 month. ATT is back to their old tricks, before they were broken up by the FCC back in the 90s for this and other smarmy business practices.

Word to the wise: always use a local (if possible) telecom company that may or may not offer you an alternative to the "big telecoms". Their services may be slower, but the fees stay lower in the long run.

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