First the disconnected my cell phone services in A ugust, I wanted an explanation since I had gone to the banlk and got copies of the canceled check they cahed in August 2008. I was so angry...., they apologized and the next day reconnected services.

It still ruined my whole entire day since I was moving that day and did not have services, your basic CRISIS. tHEN i AM ON MY WAY TO SEE MY DOCTOR AND i WAS SUPPOSE TO BRING SOM FILES FROM ANOTHER DOCTOR i CALLED TO SEE IF THEY WERE READY, MY PHONE IS OUT OF SERVICE. This time they claimed I owe a payment for July. After my long intenssive research at home I discovered I paid every single month and have records to prove with canceled checks.

I decided at this point to switch providers. AT&T is incompetent, negligent, rude,they lack intelligence and knowledge on how to run the business or even which month is due, they don't have a clue.

Is like having a bunch of inmature young girls scouts running the show, totally CLUELESS. It is basically a joke, I rather go for smart/ professional customer service.

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