First the disconnected my cell phone services in A ugust, I wanted an explanation since I had gone to the banlk and got copies of the canceled check they cahed in August 2008.I was so angry...., they apologized and the next day reconnected services.

It still ruined my whole entire day since I was moving that day and did not have services, your basic CRISIS. tHEN i AM ON MY WAY TO SEE MY DOCTOR AND i WAS SUPPOSE TO BRING SOM FILES FROM ANOTHER DOCTOR i CALLED TO SEE IF THEY WERE READY, MY PHONE IS OUT OF SERVICE. This time they claimed I owe a payment for July. After my long intenssive research at home I discovered I paid every single month and have records to prove with canceled checks.

I decided at this point to switch providers. AT&T is incompetent, negligent, rude,they lack intelligence and knowledge on how to run the business or even which month is due, they don't have a clue.

Is like having a bunch of inmature young girls scouts running the show, totally CLUELESS.It is basically a joke, I rather go for smart/ professional customer service.

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