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Won't be a front runner in the industry for long. An absolute joke when it comes to running a business, management, business communication, etc.

Not sure what the CEO is doing, but probably should not get too cozy in his job. I was a customer for 15 years. Will nEVEr contribute another cent to this joke of a company. Ceased services, and after spreading the word, many of my contacts have Ended services with them as well.

Also pulled investments. Don't want my money associated with such a dysfunctional company. Switched to straight talk. About 60% less in monthly charges.

Way better service.

Again, will never ever spend another penny with them, and will pass on the word to all of my family, friends, colleagues, and clients. The end.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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So are you going to state why you left them or just be completely vague and useless?

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