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I took time out of a busy work week on my only day off to call AT&T customer service regarding why I was charged $2 as a data charge when there were only 2kb of accidental data usage on the account. It should not be my fault that if you accidentally press a button once or twice even that you are billed $2 as a punishment for doing so. I called in to request information on why this cannot be stopped from occurring and for a phone model without the button.

The first agent I spoke with William was unable to help me and seemed unfriendly as he would speak while I spoke, which prompted me to ask for a supervisor to handle this miniscule issue. In retrospect the agent was not nearly as bad as the angry supervisor.

Troy Lindsey TL16G identified himself as a supervisor in a SW Ohio call center and he asked what the problem was. I informed him the same as above and he never apologized he simply said "Well I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to tell me this" and went on to dismiss the call as if that was it. I reminded him about how long I had been a customer of AT&T since 2005 and that I wanted the data issue resolved and that the previous agent William should be more properly trained so I wouldn't need to request a supervisor to begin with. At that point he became upset with me OVER $2 (which is not even his money) and turned belligerent and began speaking over me angrily incorrectly stating that he is properly trained and that he would be more than happy to cancel my account. I replied that due to the poor customer service I demand compensation. At that point I requested his name and employee ID number, which he refused to reply and continued talking over me about cancelling my account of more than 6 yrs, after finally providing his information he AGAIN asked to cancel my account, and then hung-up on me or conveniently feigned disconnection. After calling another agent, that agent stated that Troy Lindsey stated in my account notes information that he cannot relay over the phone, and claims that I hung-up on him. Really? How convenient.

I am shocked and appalled that Troy Lindsey is permitted by AT&T to provide such poor customer service to customers who have been with AT&T for more than 6yrs. Some business acumen Troy Lindsey must possess to dismiss the revenue and loyalty of a longstanding and good standing AT&T customer who always paid the bill on time, all in the name of his ego and saving a $2 credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

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Whether they credit or not or that you know your phone or not, we should not be paying for a $2 accidental data use charge, then have to call to get credit, then have the option explained to us that we can "opt out" thereby losing the ability to receive and send photos (not part of the data use plan, it is included in the family plan). In essence, if you want to send/receive photos (included in the plan), you may risk getting charged $2 per phone for accidentally accessing the web.

Really??? I think a letter to both FCC and the attorney general are in order.


It makes no sense to me why they would refuse to credit you $2. It also makes no sense to me why they would not explain their resistance in crediting you, argue with you, or hang up on you.

About 5 years ago, I called to ask about a data charge as I had not used any data on my phone. The rep I got suggested I had hit it accidentally and credited me without my asking.

Their service is going in the toilet...


I had a data charge or two on my account not long after I subscribed to ATT. I called AT&T and they removed the charges immediately.

I then opted out of data usage on my account for the next three years and never once had another data charge. At the time, I did not text or send data/photos or surf the net. I probably fat-fingered the keys and did use data on those two incidences but ATT made good on it.

No complaints. Learn how to use your phone or opt out of data usage, opting out is free.


So You have been a customer of At&T for six years and you can't figure out how to not "accidentally" hit the button that causes a data charge? I don't see how you not being able to keep from hitting a button is their problem, no matter how long you have been a customer. Go into an AT&T store and look at another phone that maybe you can keep from hitting the wrong button.

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