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Date: January 6, 2011


Re: Account number 678 715-6314 317 1888

To Whom It May Concern:

I am disputing a charge on my bill dated from October 23 until current. The charges are related to DISH network dated 10/23/10 to 11/22/10 and 11/23/10 to 12/22/10. A late charge on current bill also noted. The amount is in error because I called in on October 15, 2010 to cancel Dish network, remove some not needed telephone services, and continue internet services. Due to the economy, I had to decrease and downsize. The customer representative made the account changes that day. Or so I thought. She instructed me that she would cancel DISH network and set me up with DirecTV. She later in the conversation transferred me over to DirecTV. She instructed me before transfer that the changes would be noted on next month's bill. If not noted, call back and ask for customer service. I did exactly as instructed. Once off the phone, my sister instructed me on how to refer a friend to save $10 a month x 10 months. I called back within minutes to give information about refer a friend. Changes were made to the account. The $21.35 one time fee was charged to account and services were set up. DirecTV was supposed to come out on 10-18-10, but no supplies available in all surrounding areas. Re-scheduled visit for 10-23-10.

I called in to speak to Brian #RF9 from Dish after receiving bill as instructed. I was instructed by Brian that it would be fine to send in revised bill payment. Sue #D7E, supervisor, wouldn't approve statement from Brian. Sue states that they were never notified of cancellation. It wasn't their fault that my promise wasn't fulfilled by AT&T. Transferred to AT&T to explain situation again. This occurred approximate 6 times. AT&T blamed DISH and vice versa. I only felt the after shock of the partnership gone badly. Mrs. Burney at AT&T stated that I was supposed to call and cancel my services myself. If I was told that I had to cancel services, I would have carried out that task on 10/15/10. She also stated that "if I would have left account as representative had left it, I would not have been having this problem. So, I still didn't save any money because now she can't revise bill. Why would I want to pay for services not in use since 10-23-10? She instructed me to write letter if not satisfied with her decision at

I have been a loyal and dedicated customer for over 10 years. I have complained about this problem to customer service, supervisors, friends and employees. Even my repeated requests have fallen on deaf ears. No action has been taken to date. I am still receiving bills with DISH network billing. I am very disappointed in the way everything was handled.

Please remove these charges from my account that was billed for services not used. Thanks you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Yours truly,

Jessica B. Jordan

3390 Swan Drive

Douglasville, GA 30134


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