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March 13, 2013

AT&T Wireless

Dispute Resolution

208 South Akard Street

Dallas, TX 75202

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in reference to a billing dispute which AT&T Wireless has failed to help me resolve. I have made multiple telephone calls in excess of 45 minutes each in an effort to gain the assistance of AT&T Wireless to help resolve this issue. However, AT&T has never supplied the requested information or made the returned phone calls as promised. This issue began in October, 2012 when I transferred my service and existing phone numbers from AT&T to another carrier due to poor customer service, broken service promises and poor wireless service.

Prior to transferring my services, I contacted AT&T on three occasions to verify any existing contracts on my account. All three conversations were conducted with different AT&T representatives from different departments, but I was told on all three occasions that there was no contract in place. I also verified there would be no early termination fee for contracts since none were in place. In addition to these confirmations, AT&T offered to match service pricing and free equipment upgrades that were being offered to me by competitors. When I called back to confirm these offers in an effort to remain as an AT&T customer, I was told those offers were not valid and I had been given the information in error. In fact, the representative told me the person who gave me that information was lying. This reinforced the pattern of unacceptable customer service, lack of continuity between departments in the Company and outright misrepresentation. Therefore, I made the choice to walk away from my long standing relationship with AT&T.

After transferring my phone numbers to an alternate carrier, AT&T has continued to bill me monthly and now alleges there are two contracts in force on my closed AT&T Wireless account. I have asked representatives of AT&T more than three times to supply me with complete copies of the signed contracts stating the phone number, device and length of the contract. As of today’s date, I have not received a copy of a complete contract from the Company as requested. My last phone call on February 21, 2013 consisted of a conversation with Jim Mills who emailed me supposed copies of two contracts. The documents I received were not legal contracts outlining responsibilities and duties of each involved party as requested. In addition, the equipment listed on each document he sent was incorrect. Mr. Mills transferred me to a representative by the name of Elizabeth who tried to tell me I had upgraded one of the phone numbers in August of 2011 by purchasing an I Phone. She was not able to tell me the location of this purchase, produce a signed document or receipt or explain why the document I had received from Mr. Mills did not list an I Phone as the type of equipment in use for that particular number. She did state that the store representative put into the file that he had seen a copy of my driver’s license. I find it particularly disturbing that a representative of AT&T wireless has reported this in my file without being able to identify the store location, produce a copy of the driver’s license, purchase receipt or any document signed by me that verifies the alleged upgrade. Ms. Mills was not able to give me any explanations to support her claims and promised to research my file history and return my call within 5 business day. It is now three weeks later, and I have not been contacted by AT&T Wireless.

The fact of this matter is I never purchased an upgrade to an I Phone on that, or any other phone number that would have engaged another service contract between me and AT&T Wireless. I did not purchase an I Phone in August, 2011, and AT&T has failed to produce any documentation to support these claims or evidence to support the continued billing which has now been turned over to a collection agency. In short, AT&T Wireless has acted negligently and in the upmost manner of bad faith in their continued efforts to collect money that is not owed.

I have no opposition to paying what I owe due to services used and contracts legally entered into once I have been supplied with undeniable proof that I owe the money. In fact, I have made two payments on the account since October, 2012 in an effort to show my due diligence is being completed in an effort to resolve this issue.

It is certainly within my boundaries and interests as a consumer to be supplied with a copy of legal documentation that supports AT&T’s claim against me, and I fail to understand why AT&T refuses to help resolve this manner. If all is as the Company is claiming, then this situation can be easily remedied once the business documents have been rendered and reviewed.

In the meantime, I am being harassed 2-3 times each day of the week except Sunday by the credit collection company hired by AT&T Wireless. This will be my last attempt to request the entire legal contract information, proof of purchase for the alleged upgrade from AT&T, and an explanation of why the alleged I Phone is not even listed on my account prior to filing complaints and moving forward with legal assistance.


Missy Green

Monetary Loss: $650.

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At AT&T store employee asked if I wanted to save money by switching from Time Warner bundle to AT&T phone and INTERNET + DirectTV. At TW total monthly bill was $106.

Now the AT&T bill that was to save me money, cost $141.97 So the store employee lied and broke the verbal contract that was to save me money. AT &T emailed me that they would be looking into the billing.

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