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Update by user Apr 07, 2017

I received an email today asking if my problem was resolved. NO, NO just a collections notice, but I have wrote them sent a copy of a small check I got 4 days after receiving a notice from the collection agency.

I sent them consumer complaints, and lawsuits going on with AT&T, and lawyers offering to take any case against them. Wish me luck

Update by user Mar 09, 2017

DISGUSTED!!!!!! excuse my mis-spelled title ATT - Disscusted I seemed to have upset someone that has know sense of people helping people, does not seem to be very book smart, or street smart for that matter.

life is way too short to bother with small things. I'm here to vent when venting is totally justifiable.

I thank the creators of this site. Thank you

Original review posted by user Mar 08, 2017

Well first of all I want to say I have been with at&t for 40 years back when they were PacBell, and have NEVER EVER been late paying my bill. As I was raised in the late 50s early 60s, and as we all know the tech world is crazy I don't even know where I am anymore!!!!

We the people especially in the country (Rural areas they call us) AT&T has out right ripped me off on more than one occasion. There CEO's DO NOT WANT to spend money on carroted wires or find the so called computer that calls my cell phone all hours of the night averaging 100 a day (NO I'M NOT KIDDING). When you answer it no one is there when you call back the lines disconnected. This forced me to change my cell phone number after 17 years.

Next for the last year and a half to two years messages were taking 3 hours to get to my family and friends if they got them at all! That's not all it gets worse I called at least 4 times a month every phone call two to three hours switching me back and fourth, hanging up on me, listening to conflicting stories claiming they don't have their own corporate offices contact numbers, this put me in tears I have health issues, and depression as it is. Not only that I had dropped call many times on the phone with att and they were pretty good at writing internal notes. One rep told me after my phone dropped three times that they were not allowed to call a fourth time?!!!

By the was I was paying $367.00 for the family plan which at that time was cells phones, internet, WIFI, and home phone. After many months of this they offer to exchange the phone for the same one but new? after receiving them I went to the local store and when they transferd my contacts the lost them! ALL 167 OF THEM.

Awhile ago the had a offer that you can paying $30.00 per phone and be able to go to any authorized dealer at any time and have a protector put on the front of your phone, I used this three times, my daughter never was able to use her SPECIAL offer because they got rid of it after three months. I starting to find they more tech the phones are the worse problems we the customer have. I can give you many other things that happened to me from a phone that did not operate right but this letter would be awfully long. So ending after taking to a so called supervisor she say's; well mame if we can't get service for you I hate to say it but perhaps you should find a company that can you know we don't Guarantee service to you REALLY!!!!

so I did go to another service and have not had one dropped call since I did, att NEVER offered to pay my bill do to the fact *** me continued to pay it. Then I get a 1860.00 bill in the mail from att did finally find the office of the presidents number and they were mean and worse than the regular 800# and claimed they could not see any note on my old account, well lady my last phone call to your first tier department at 1-800-331-0500 went through them and said my God you have had a lot of issues with us! I said yes I have and I would like you to print those internal notes and send them to me, Oh no only a lawyer can do that..............WHAT this is my right under the freedom of information act, reminder it is my account I pay for. Well low and behold instead of the corporate office calling me back they put it in collections a received a letter 7 days later as I wait for a phone call back.

I called that company and explained everything, even explaining low and behold I received a $41.30 check in the mail from the United States Of America Federal Trade Commission Then underlined below say's FTC v. AT&T Mobility, LLC I'm going to write my letter to the credit collector and send them a copy of this letter, however i have a gut feeling there are no more internal notes.

Review about: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: all of the above.

Monetary Loss: $1860.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Horrific.

I didn't like: Money hungry thugs that ripped me off.

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The word is DISGUSTED not disscusted, not discussed - THE WORD IS DISGUSTED as in "I am DISGUSTED that people don't know how to spell DISGUSTED."

to Anonymous Oakdale, California, United States #1300478

Very funny, I'm so sorry that everything in life as we know it today is hard, and that people like yourself are so patheticly unhappy your actually have the audacity to show it through a smartass comment due to a typo. You see that's what's wrong with people today!

I taught my girls being kind is better than being right. My deepest apologies for having Arthritis so bad my fingers are bent not to mention being in a rush as life keeps most of us busy. You don't even know me nor my family if you did you would have watched your words very carefully because I can bet you would have had to eat them someday. But you decide to remain Anonymous smart, perhaps even lucky.

HARBOR BITTERNESS AND HAPPINESS WILL DOCK ELSEWHERE. It's OK the end justifies it's means. Karma will get you one day of that I know for sure.

Have a wonderful rest of you evening, I so wish you find that giving it better then receiving, and that happiness is like a perfume you can't give to others without getting a few drops onto yourself. You need it bad, please define the word respect.

to Anonymous Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1301113

sounds like u have been discussed all your miserable life, feel sorry for u.

Do u belong to the AT&T spell checking group, I think so.

to Anonymous Oakdale, California, United States #1301197

Right! Thank you kindly sweetheart. Hugs coming your way

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