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Update by user Jan 13, 2017

see complaint

Original review posted by user Jan 12, 2017

I was a Verizon Wireless customer for years (15+) and decided since they don't have unlimited data to switch. I have three teenagers and they were pushing my Data each month.

It was all good when you get a new phone at no cost to switch. Unfortunately, This is not what happened. When I called the first time I spoke with a pleasant young lady who I explained I have 6 numbers that I wanted to bring over to Att. Without hesitation she was explaining that with the direct tv package I could qualify for a free line and all new phones when I switched.

All sounded great but I told her I did not have any interest in doing this since Comcast has taken care of me. When it was done my bill would of saved me approx. 120 a month. $360 plus tax which included a free line but not the phone service of 32.99.

Not including taxes. She tells me to accept the agreement on att from my email. After qualifying (credit pull) for the phones. I pulled my email and it showed 5 lines not 6 lines.

The 6th line was for a Ipad pro fyi. immediately I thought I did something incorrect so I decided to call back and speak with another representative. I Spoke with another Nice lady and she was in shock that the previous lady told me I had 6 lines when in fact it was only 5. One key quickly the first lady included my insurance of 20.97 for multi discount insurance, all the phones, lines and unlimited date.

Back to the call with the 2nd lady. I explained to her what happened and she was very apologetic because I had the unlimited plan signed up but I did not qualify because it was only if I went with direct tv package. I told her the same thing as the first lady. I am not interested.

She told me there is not a true unlimited plan to begin with it was only 22gb per line and then after that on each line to go to 3G speed. I was ok with that until she told me I was only on a 6 GB plan (Mobile share plan) since I didn't go with direct tv. she also told me that the insurance was going to be 29.99 for 3 lines totaling 60.00. So immediately I was frustrated and after finding this out and paying the sales taxes of $285 ish for the phones I cancelled through the interenet by not excepting the email and declining.

She also told me that would be credited back to my account which as of a week ago I still not seen. As if this wasn't bad enough I decided to speak with my fiancé and she was ok with changing to Direct Tv for cable to get the 22gb per line. That was the first night. Approx 3 hours on the phone.

Day 2- I called at lunch thinking that all this would be easier to do since I just did it. Nope, I had to go through the same thing. I did not have the time so I told her to call me back. I am in sales also and when she did I was with a customer and could not take her call.

I decided to wait until I was off at 6pm that night. So my fourth call was with a girl who did not literally understand what I was trying to achieve. I don't know if she was new customer service agent but I asked her a question about transferring lines and porting etc and she put me on hold. I waited over 5 minutes.

she came back on and told me to hang on and I held again for another 5 minute. I hung up because clearly she wasn't trained. So at this point I am furious because I clearly just wanted to transition to Att and move on. I called and waited approx.

8 min each time I called fyi. I spoke to a gentlemen who I could not really understand and I told him that I really don't want to explain everything and I wanted to speak with a supervisor. I literally told him 6x and he said that he would help me. I as a consumer have the right to escalate to the next lever.

I asked again and the next thing I know, CLICK: The guy just hung up on me. Wow you would think I would suck it up and pay the 500 month with Verizon and only 40GB but no I promised my kids unlimited data. I finally call back another 8 minutes and get a gentlemen with a country accent. not sure of his name..rusty maybe??

Told him what was going on and he was going to make it right. I explained everything I went through. He went ahead and took care of my 6 lines (unlimited) and took another $285 for sales tax on my phones. He explained to me that the bill after the free line would be 363 month and that included the insurance of 7.99 per phone line.

He also told me that when I port the lines to take my phones over to att store and they would give me a gift card for the phones and then the remaining on a gift card when I turned in my final bill from Verizon. Finally I thought it was done and had some relief. That was another 4 Hour conversation. 6pm - 10pm.

I was just merely waiting on the new phones which 3 of the 5 where the same basically. I really upgrade a iphone 6 and 6plus to 7plus 128gb and 7plus 32gb. I received my phones on Monday night. I worked late and when I got home Tuesday I made sure to have kids clear phones so I could get my phones up to att store like I was told.

I also called on my line only and spoke with a Debra who told me I could port my line now and activate it. I was again ask for credit pull?. So I reluctantly said yes because its a soft pull. supposed to be.

She was on the phone for awhile and couldn't get activated so she told me to call back that night and get all numbers ported and activated because there was a internal error from Att and it could be awhile. She told me that along with activating the other 5 lines mine should be active and someone call me back within a couple hours. Imagine that, I never received a call. I get off work on Tuesday night and called the port line and activation line.

All the lines where ported over but stating it would be the 19th which she didn't understand. Never the less we proceeded to activate the phones along with the other line For my Ipad pro which they sent me wrong card for. We where good. all was good.

UNTIL: I went to the Att store last night at 5:30pm to return the phones. I get a nice young lady named Jas. She starts reading the imei numbers off and telling me one phone is worth this and one for is worth that. I immediately ask her what she meant, she told me that this was part of the trade agreement and I would receive instore credit and then whatever else is left up to 650 per line would get on visa card to pay Verizon.

I explained to her the nightmare I had and that was not what I was told, she checked with Taylor the manager and this is the way it had to be so Jas made a good point use this as and in store credit and pay the bill to Verizon while the 1132 credit was used. Good point ok with this. Why we where at it I ask her about the 6th line and why I didn't trade in the ipad pro to Verizon. she said that the lines where only phone lines and not ipads.

So I just found out that I will nowfrom 363 plus tax to 396 plus tax. At this point I was just going to let it go until she told me that this didn't include any insurance which I was told by rusty it had for the 7.99 line. She told me that that was wrong it was 29.99 for multi lines and had 6 claims a year. ok, so I'm really pissed.

taylor gets involved to see if this is anything he can do and he was limited. So I go over each line and apparently the 10.00 month line that rusty said was shared for the unlimited data plan for ipad pro was incorrect. that was 10.00 for 1 gb per month. WHAT???

so my 360 went to 390 plus the 30 equaling 420.00 plus tax including everything. I am pretty much over this and wanted something done. I wanted what I was told period. 363 month plus tax.

6 lines and unlimited data. So she called the escalation department and while she was on hold my wife ask for a copy of the first bill and contract because we are probably just going to cancel!! on the bill was the estimated first bill of 1029.00. Included 20 per line activation plus 45 line for the ipad, Never told this.

But I said fine I figured there would be charges and would just eat them. Now the part that was not explained was the first bill plus the next bill because they bill one bill in advance. have to pay the 1000 to Verizon for the cost of the ipad pro. Now Im pissed.

I ask her to explain the bill and make sure I was not told something wrong, guess what I was. it went off and just walked around to cool off. I finally got Jas to get someone on the line and explained everything I am to you and he said that I must of heard 360 but was 460..I said wrong wife happen to listen to quite a bit of my converstion. I would not ask for something if I was not promised.

He said that he could put me on mobile share to get to 360 plus tax..nope not happening and he would not budge. So as I am sitting there I am looking at 469 mo including tax for the unlimited data on ipad pro and the insurance. He advised that I add insurance then and we should work that out. which made sense because if something happened I am out more money.

So I told him look I am being as calm and reasonable as I could. I told him to take the 30 month charge for the line for ipad pro and make unlimited and I would forget the rest. We called the escalation department and spoke with a supervisor, she said that there is nothing she can do and I am in sales and I know there is something you could do. So now I was conned into pricing,extra billing not told, activations, deceptive selling practice.

I will now have to pay 1000 to Verizon after explaining I would not want to do this. on top of whatever the difference is approx. 6-9 hundred more if they truly pay the lines up to 650 which is to be determined. I still haven't seen my 2nd installment of sales tax, credit pulled 3 times, and nothing can be done.

I would ask if someone would kindly review this and make a concession for the original amount requested. I feel I should probably ask for the 1000 more for the ipad which is just wasting my breathe. I told them I was going to cancel but it was 8:30 pm to hold onto the phones. Here is where they get you.

Now that I ported lines I do not have an account anymore with Verizon and would have to open up all new line and go through all the BS again so what the *** am I supposed to do or think...ATT YOU SUCK!!!!

MAKE IT RIGHT::: Thank you for all the deception Please call me anytime. 317-757-9409 Jay Coyle have to pay the 1000 to Verizon for the cost of the ipad pro.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Reason of review: deception, pricing, etc..

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Read my story..

I liked: People at the store.

I didn't like: All the other bs.

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