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... but if you do, make sure you de-enroll your auto payment first before you enroll with another wireless company.

Do NOT enroll on AT&T Easy pay (for that matter any other services). They will just keep charging you until you personally call them to de-enroll from Easy Pay. What rubbish about saving the environment, it just made it easier for them to charge you and not have to incur admin costs, and on your part, you have to incur admin efforts to de-enroll yourself and spend your time and breath arguing with them as to why they are charging you for costs you did not incur since you have already enrolled your mobile service with another company (and mind you, T-mobile is going to be the same company)!! When my wireless number is transferred from AT&T to T-Mobile, shouldn't it be considered as my legal notice to terminate my service with AT&T?? Makes my blood boil.

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