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Just got off the phone with ATT and I am so annoyed!!

DON'T DO IT. I am currently a Uverse Customer, I KNOW. They tell you anything you wanna here to sell you on the product and keep none of their promises. No one says the same thing, is like there is no communications within the company and they overcharge you every month with no kinda explanation.

The gift cards they promise you to start service- A sham!

ATT need to get it together.

Quite lying to the customers.

I hate getting lied to. . . !!!

FYI. I have a friend who use to work for them and she told me this would happen, she was right!

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Totally agree. AT&T messed with me.

I paid them every month and I received notification that I was current and there was nothing due and owing. Then a few months back I am billed an extra $100.00 for something they seemed to have missed a year ago. When I ask specifics they can't tell me anything except that I owe this still.

My question is, if the computers are so great and bill accurately then why did they report for an entire year that I was up to date and at 0 balance. AT&T runs a bad business and traps its users into their system.

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