Cicero, Illinois
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Starts with the Pole climbing where you spend 5 days learning to gaff and use a buck-squeeze to climb a pole. In reality you wont use any gaffs only ladders which they spend a half a day training you on so expect not to know that in the field. After they make sure everyone climbs to about 20 ft your done with the first week which seems like a total lack of focus on what you actually need to know.

Week 2

You spend a week in safety where you are taught a very lackluster CPR class followed by a defensive driving course in a sedan which is not even the truck the company will issue you.

Week 3

You will most likely be sent to Harvey which isn't even discussed in the original offer. You will spend a week hanging drops from mock homes and you'll be lucky if you barely grasp the concept of daisy chaining jack's while figuring out how your supposed to do any of this 12ft up in the air.

The rest of the training is basically pushing off as much information as they can on you so they can say well we taught you that and allowed you to practice for a day. You also most likely will not have the proper tools to train with such as an Ipad or basic tools that you would need to familiarize yourself with like snips so that only adds to the stress factor. The final week is spend trouble shooting instead of reviewing all the information they have just dumped on your head. Once you complete the training you head out to the field where none of the setups look anything like what you will encounter. This is all followed by an overall poor attitude from the trainers and Union Representative in your garage making you stop to think why would anyone want to work in this environment.

They like to blame and punish you for there defective equipment meanwhile they wonder why so many repairs occur if they would just spend a little extra money making a good product than it wouldn't be an issue. I would think twice before you become a prem tech. If you like being under constant anxiety to meet there absurd efficiency standards and have your quality of life lowered this is the job for you. As I saw in another post Rethink possible Rethink another employer.

Advice to Senior Management – Either management turns a blind eye to whats happening or they just don't care either way they should eliminate there training program because its inadequate. Dont lie to your employees and Train people the right way so they have a fighting chance when working for such a demanding company.

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