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At& t is double billing their customers and charging them fictituos charges in the form of Best Eco Alert or Music game graphics w/c cost $ 9.99 ea.If you don't look at your bill carefully they will just cash in on it.For four consecutive months they've been billing 9.99 ea. & then they will tell maybe they press it accidentally, etc.

After months of this, I finally decided to stop my subscription. And because of financial difficulty I called the customer service to say i want to stop their service. They persuade me that they will lower my bill but when i cannot pay for $50. They immediate cut my services then billed me for reconnection fee. It upets me so much.

The other day I received a bill from Bay credit services for the amount of 215.52. The same amount was also included in the bill that AT&T sent me.

When I asked the Credit services they said they don't know.

AT&T should be brought down for their fictitous & fraudulent charges.

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I totally agree. They have been double billing and using threatening, harassing tactics to collect money that they are not even owed.

We asked them to stop calling the home and they continue to call and harass for payments that they are not even due from my 84-year-old mother.

It has been truly disgusting to observe. Customer service is the worse and they are all money grubbing.

Who do you complain to???

ATT is a nightmare!!!


I have AT&T plan that allows me change my phone every year.

I was double charged Installment plan because I changed my phone in the middle of my billing period (37.50 + 37.50 = 75.00).

When they sell the plan they don't say that you have to go to the store at the closing date of your bill to avoid been double charged.

Customer service does not help.

They just say that you have to pay.

Nobody at the store warned me.

I think that this is absurd. It is not about the value. It is about the point.

I feel like I was robbed. I want to alert other customers so they don't fall in the same trap.


Bay Area Credit Services, LLC sucks!

On the first week of December, they agree that I can pay 20/mo for the next three months until around March when I will have some refunds so I can pay them.

When I called them up last Dec. 23, 2011 to pay, they refused my payment. And were very rude to me, I talk to at least three people, threatening me to report this & will affect my credit score.

They said that my payment of $ 20.00 is not enough, when I try to talk again to the person I talked before, Adam Carter. They refuse my call & keep passing my call to some supervisors which is more rude than the next.

And now they keep call my office.

These people really are terrible.


I wish I had never signed up for Uverse. When I signed up the details of all my cell phone bills became unavailable.

(I was trying to research outrageously high cell phone bills.) Now I receive a message from Uverse that they are billing me for 2 wireless months because they "forgot" to bill me last month. Unfortunately, I paid those bills via the wireless account - which I had taken out of the Uverse bill - so I could get cell phone call details. Apparently Uverse has decided to put the bills back together?

The result - DOUBLE BILLING...

This Uverse thing is a nightmare. I would like to bill them for my time - wasted on going over every bill for accuracy and hours spent calling customer service!

I get billed incorrectly AND have to spend my time straightening it out.


I have had several problems with ATT billing. I called them back in April to see if they could lower my bill by bundling and eliminating some services I don't need.

Since then my bill has gotten higher and higher due to internet charges being over-billed and duplicated. I asked ATT to sign me up for their $14.95 DSL promotion and they said that they did...really? Then why am I being billed anywhere from $25 to $50 every month for internet services?? I spent 3 hours on the phone and got transfered to 9 different people trying to get this fixed 2 months ago.

They said they did,,,once again, they did not! I am now refusing to pay the charges until they fix it, so now they disconnected my service and sent me a threatening letter. Nice customer service ATT!!! Furthermore, I have also been previously billed for "Enhanced Services" that I never ordered.

ATT told me that I needed to call the "third party" who put those "services" on my bill. That's BS ATT...don't put any charges on my bill unless I, personally order them from you.

I am so pissed off at ATT. I am probably just going to cancel all of my services from them...if they want the bill paid, they can remove the overages from my bills and credit my account, that should just about cover what they claim I owe them.


An agent from the Bay Credit Service via ATT has called me up and settle some payments until February, 2012.

I just wanna say I appreciate the time & effort they've given me.

Thank you.


Today is Dec.2, 2011 and I received another account notification from the Bay Area Credit Service LLC stating my account with At & T for $215.52. :cry

I mean, i"m tired and loaded with so many problems, financial troubles and everything.

I decided, ok just pay it. I try to arranged payment maybe 15 or 20 dollars a month is all I can spare right now. They absolutely refused, saying I already arranged payment then i put the phone on hold & the customer service hanged up on me...

Gosh, what do they want my blood?

Help ...somebody this AT&T people & their cronies...there has to be something done.


Hello Mommygrace. My name is Kevin and I'm with AT&T.

Please send me your account information to include the billing name, address, and account number to ATTKevinC@att.com.

Please include details and a good contact number and time as well and I will try and assist you with this issue. Thanks ATTKevinC

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