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We have been having issues with AT&T Wireless since October 2012 with the new iPhone 5 came out, when we first signed up with 3 lines to get Mobile Share'. Then we added a line (4th one) to our mobile shared account and even more bill issues and overcharges, calling back every single month at least 2 or 3 hours on the phone fighting a bill charge...Those issues have been resolved with a lot of stress and arguing on my part: Claudio Duarte, and the account holder Charles Lenzner. But we found even more problems when we signed up with AT&T HOME INTERNET.

Looks like AT&T Internet combined the wireless and internet bill into one without us been notified. There was a mistake on their part, 3 months that we already been charged and paid on wireless bill, have magically showed up a Internet Home Bill of more than 800$, as they were supposedly been combined. This are the DOUBLE charges

from 28 june - 27 july : 192.90

from 28 july - 27 august: 390.85

from august 28 - september 7: 104.96

We have been trying to explain this situation for many hours to different customer representatives, but looks like nobody understand what we are asking for.

On those 3 months we got some credit on those charges from the wireless bill, so we paid the remaining balance.

But AT&T do not recognize those credit on the AT&T home internet, even though they said: we gave you already credit on the wireless bill but they do not see those 3 months charges are the same Or DOUBLE!! on Cellphone Wireless Bill AND ALSO on Home Internet Bill!!!

So AT&T is playing smart and trying to charge us for 3 months twice the same amount.

Also we were trying to get in touch with the Corporate Office, Presidential Office and even with the CEO of AT&T: Randall L. Stephenson, with No Luck. We do not know what to do, next step will be going to Media TV and/or lawyer or court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Been down this very familiar road with AT&T myself. They just can't seem to get it together.

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