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I hope you can check on bbb, but first you should open a case, then you can cancel the service, I did wrongly, change the company and then open a case with bbb, a lot of complain opened for poor service, outrageous bills due to data, they can not explain why they charge me 1 gig per day...I did all possible to work with them, improve the service, but the company can offer good signal, change my phone, purchased a microcell tower, change my phone 3 times.

That company is charge me an $300 dollars when cancel for bad service, finally they say that never warranty signal, is unacceptable that big company mistreat and finaly on my report try to blame me saying that I talk too much..Is a joke, you are by your own if decide to have a plan with that horrid company.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Dontgiveup- I am sorry that you had these issues.I will be happy to review your account and assist you with a resolution.

Can you please send me an email with a contact number. Please include your account number in the email and put Dontgiveup in the subject line.

My email address is - I look forward to speaking with you.Thanks Nancy AT&T Customer Care Manager

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