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On March 23, 2009 I went into The AT&T store location at 435 Market St, San Francisco. They had a promotion that if you purchased a 2 Wire modem you would receive a 79.99-dollar rebate through the mail covering the initial cost of the modem. IUpon the purchase of the modem the agent gave me a slip of paper to submit for a rebate. I was told to fill it out and send it in. I was not explained anything else just assured that I would receive the rebate. I filled out the paper work enclosed the receipt the store gave me and submitted it to the rewards center this was some time in April of 2009. In May I contacted the rewards department and was told they had not received anything and I should wait. This was after begin shuffled around several times to different departments given number to call that where either disconnected or not open during pacific time and each time having to restate my reason for calling and go through the same verification questions just to get transferred to someone ill-equipped to help. At the end of May I received correspondence for the reward center at AT&T and they told me I need to send them the sales slip the sku number from the modem from the box and the number of the modem. I went ahead and submitted this information through the mail. In mid June and again in early July I was again having the same issues trying to find out someone that new about his rebate and again ran into issues with the automated system and getting nowhere. I have spent at more than four hours on the phone with customer service and never got anywhere. On July 17 I went into the store in which I purchased the modem I again signed the list and waited until I could talk to the manger about the rebate. She told me she would take care of it and give a call. She was very nice and I felt as if I finally was speaking to someone that was going to resolve this issue. I got a call the next morning and was told to bring in the box and she would submit the paper work and get me my gift card. I said " Gift Card" was never told me I the rebate was issued in a gift card, small matter, but again a failure communicate that just added to me frustration. I brought the info into the store this time I refused to sign a list a wait I went up handed her the information and was again assured a call and that she would take care of it. On Tuesday the following week I went into the store to check and see if it was taken care of and the manger on duty told me that the manager in which I spoke to had been transferred to Hawaii and that at no time did she know what was talking about I told her about my frustration She left went to back keep me waiting for 20 minute and came out saying she did not find anything and asked me to hold on again while she tried to get it resolved

I told he I was not going to wait gave her my number and told her to call me. Later that day, She said that the former manager's plane had just landed and that she had spoke to her earlier and she would call me. I got no call. I went into the store Wednesday afternoon, I spoke to her she told me she needed three days. I told he I had waited long enough, I am irate at this point. She told me that she was corresponding via Email and that this is why it would take 3 more days. When the day before she told me she was in direct correspondence with the manger that was supposed to handle my claim. I assured her want this resolved or I will be bringing back the modem and canceling my service. I returned home contacted the rebate department was told that needed to submit all the same information ant that I would need a sales slip, the modem number on the back of the equipment, and the sku number form the box. I had already submitted this information and I fell it is about time for AT&T to compensate me.

This is a draft of a letter that if not resolved to my satisfaction will be submitted to the following : District and Regional Mangers for AT&T as well as the Better Buisness Burea , Consumer Reports, and any other agency that protects consumers should this not be resolved. I will also be submitting a copy to my attorney for review to recover lost wages, 79.99 for the rebate and an undisclosed about for my time and aggrrivation . I am also a person with a disbilted and fell I have bee unfairly treated having to make several trips to the store. I am writing to get this resolved and receive a resolution in a timely matter. I fell I have been discouraged form getting my rebate, that the company provided the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. I felt they could care less about losing another customer. I also want to state that he atmosphere of the store located on market street had several sales agents goofing of and playing around while I was talking to the manager, there was a total lack of professionalism and chaos that made it hard to even have a conversation with the management

Review about: Att Reward Card.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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