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An AT&T sales representative suggested to my wife that switching our land-line home phone to a cellular unit ($10 approx.) would reduce our monthly cost while allowing us to maintain our DSL service ($20 approx.) with no changes in respect to speed, etc.

Unfortunately the customer service representative failed to complete the process on their end, resulting in our DSL service being terminated when our land-line phone service was switched to cellular.

Over the last week I have spoken to NUMEROUS representatives (15+) from a number of different departments regarding this issue - approximately 10+ hours to date. Almost all of the representatives have been very nice...that said several of the representatives had different information regarding my account (e.g. physical address, the phone number associated with my account, the status of my account, if we ever had service at the address, etc.) and none have been able to address my issue to any level of satisfaction. All acknowledged that the loss in service was due to AT&T, but none were empowered to do anything about it.

Most suggested that I needed to speak to another department at some point during the discussion and they were very happy to transfer me into another holding pattern. The AT&T customer relationship software is seemingly incapable of allowing subsequent representatives from following the chain of events. All needed the same information provided to them at least once, some required multiple efforts in order for them to understand the sequence of events. Having spotted a field tech at the closest "switch box" he was able to confirm that the connection to my house was still there.

Another representative was almost able to get thru to my modem, but lacked user information which required a call the next day to the origin of the issue - AT&T Sales. The first representative I spoke to today REPEATED tried to reestablish a home phone service in order to make the reestablishment of my DSL service faster. I had to repeatedly remind him that 1) I did not need the home service / I had switched my home number to a cellular service 2) that my loss of DSL service was due to their shortcomings in process/personnel and should not require any additional fees for me to get resolution. This took several attempts before he switched tactics to "your DSL will cost $51 with no phone service)...$32 more that the initial sales representative quoted my wife.

At one poin he simply put me on indefinite hold. Throughout the entire week long process there have been NUMEROUS promises to call me back with an update regarding the resolution, none of which have EVER occurred. In our service area (Calypso NC) we have a very limited number of DSL ports available, so much so that we actually paid for 14 months of service to retain our DSL port (and phone number) while we had moved out of town during construction of a new home. We then had service reestablished in our new home for about 12 months before AT&T screwed up the DSL.

Having shared this with one representative to convey the importance we have placed on maintaining this DSL service (and our phone number) I asked what recourse we would have if our DSL port had been given to someone else - "You could look at another provider" was the response. This may be the most positive outcome of the entire process. AT&T has been my provider of home phone, internet & cellular service for MANY may be time to switch to another vendor as the customer service I have received to date from AT&T has been nothing short of shameless.

They dropped the ball and I have to jump through the barbed wire hoops of AT&T telephone support service in order to reestablish my service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Hi astory, I am sorry for all of the frustration. I can look into this for you.

If you send me an email to and include your name in the subject line, I will review your account and get back with you. Please include your account information and a call back number as well. I am here M-F 8-4:30 PM CST. Have a great day!

Thanks! Charmaine (AT&T Social Media Manager)

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